RB2 vs GHWT??


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So, I'm going to get one of them...but which one?

I'm thinking RB2 mainly because I want "Man in the Box"...but the GH drums look cool, I gotta try them.

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i personally like GHWT's track list better.

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GHWT drum pads felt great, cymbals were BAD, no bounce, flimsy, and would grab the stick out of your hand. I waited over a week for the tuning kit from activision cuz the yellow cymbal was not sensitive enough, this was after playing only 10 songs. Good thing my girl has a PC cuz I could not use their software on my MAC. After the tune up the drums worked great for about 10 more songs, then the blue pad stopped working entirely. Needless to say I was pissed. I lucked out at best buy cuz they had no stock on GHWT kit for 360. I traded for a GHWT guitar and game pack and a rock band 2 drum kit. Perfect trade cuz the new GH guitar is great, the finger tapping is intense. I'd say the new RB2 drums are way better than RB1 drums and GH drums. More bouncy, quieter, better pedal. If I were biased to one or the other game I would stick to that games drums, cuz the GH drums were starting to get fun with playing up high and low. It is WAY harder than RB style set up though. It has a much more confusing note structure. If the cymbals were worth a dam I might have considered waiting for new GH drums, but it was really hard to keep up with no bounce. The reason i'd stick to RB drums if I was a GH hater is cuz the RB note generator has you playing fast notes on that yellow cymbal all the time, whereas the Gh notes seem to go a little easier on your arms. If I was a RB hater I would stick with Gh drums cuz it does feel more realistic and the 3 main pads feel and sound great. I have always loved both games but leaned toward guitar hero cuz the notes were more fun to play and the songs were better. I was stuck in the ps2 world with no downloads. That being said I am now leaning RB2 cuz the note structure is getting better [more like GH] and the regular set list is way better never mind the 600 downloadable sons 100's of which kick but. I would still buy GH if I was a RB GH hater cuz of the metallica DLC alone, and that F'n finger tapping is the coolest thing yet.
The velocity sensitive thing was immediately noticeable on RB2 set were I had not noticed it on the GH set.
I like to hit the drums VERY hard. It felt great to let loose on the RB2 drums after dicking around with those F'n cymbals. It just seemed easier to kill the RB drums.
I hope the new RB cymbals will have some bounce to them.
I Ghwt finished in one night, RB2 seems to have 10 times more to it.
The GH music studio is very cool.
I hope all the babble helps someone choose the right set.

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World Tour..... thats what I'm currently playing on my 360

Better track list and all tracks are MASTER RECORDINGS not covers like rock band.

Plus I absolutely can not stand those square notes..... they have to be round lol. But thats probably cause I have every GH game except aersomith and I'm just used to that.

The only thing RB has going for it is the downloads....... but supposedly there is going to be a ton a downloads released for GH in the near future.

Oh about the hardware..... the new giutars suck, the strum bar either doesn't click or has a very light click...... drives me nuts. Thats why I'm still using my black guitar from GH III, it has a good solid CLICK when you strum.

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i got rb2 and rb1 plus all the GH except the latest world tour. honestly the track list is almost identical, guitar hero world tour has linkin parks "what i've done" rb2 has "one step closer" basiclly that's how the whole thing goes.

guitar hero world tour disc set list

* 311 - "Beautiful Disaster"
* 30 Seconds To Mars - "The Kill"
* Airbourne - "Too Much Too Young"
* The Allman Brothers Band - "Ramblin' Man"
* Anouk - "Good God"
* The Answer - "Never Too Late"
* At The Drive-In - "One Armed Scissor"
* Beastie Boys - "No Sleep Till Brooklyn"
* Beatsteaks - "Hail to the Freaks"
* Billy Idol - "Rebel Yell"
* Black Label Society - "Stillborn"
* Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - "Weapon of Choice"
* blink-182 - "Dammit"
* Blondie - "One Way or Another"
* Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band - "Hollywood Nights"
* Bon Jovi - "Livin' On A Prayer"
* Bullet For My Valentine - "Scream Aim Fire"
* Coldplay - "Shiver"
* Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Up Around The Bend"
* The Cult - "Love Removal Machine"
* Dinosaur Jr. - "Feel The Pain"
* The Doors - "Love Me Two Times"
* Dream Theater - "Pull Me Under"
* The Eagles - "Hotel California"
* The Enemy - "Aggro"
* Filter - "Hey Man, Nice Shot"
* Fleetwood Mac - "Go Your Own Way"
* Foo Fighters - "Everlong"
* The Guess Who - "American Woman"
* Hush Puppies - "You're Gonna Say Yeah!"
* Interpol - "Obstacle 1"
* Jane's Addiction - "Mountain Song"
* Jimi Hendrix - "Purple Haze (Live)"
* Jimi Hendrix - "The Wind Cries Mary"
* Jimmy Eat World - "The Middle"
* Joe Satriani - "Satch Boogie"
* Kent - "Vinternoll2"
* Korn - "Freak On A Leash"
* Lacuna Coil - "Our Truth"
* Lenny Kravitz - "Are You Gonna Go My Way"
* Linkin Park - "What I've Done"
* The Living End - "Prisoner of Society"
* Los Lobos - "La Bamba"
* Lost Prophets - "Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast)"
* Lynyrd Skynyrd - "Sweet Home Alabama (Live)"
* Mars Volta - "L'Via L'Viaquez"
* MC5's Wayne Kramer - "Kick Out The Jams"
* Metallica - "Trapped Under Ice"
* Michael Jackson - "Beat It"
* Modest Mouse - "Float On"
* Motorhead - "Overkill"
* Muse - "Assassin"
* Negramaro - "Nuvole e Lenzuola"
* Nirvana - "About a Girl (Unplugged)"
* No Doubt - "Spiderwebs"
* NOFX - "Soul Doubt"
* Oasis - "Some Might Say"
* Ozzy Osbourne - "Crazy Train"
* Ozzy Osbourne - "Mr. Crowley"
* Paramore - "Misery Business"
* Pat Benatar - "Heartbreaker"
* R.E.M. - "The One I Love"
* Radio Futura - "Escuela De Calor"
* Rise Against - "Re-Education Through Labor"
* Sex Pistols - "Pretty Vacant"
* Silversun Pickups - "Lazy Eye"
* Smashing Pumpkins - "Today"
* Steely Dan - "Do It Again"
* Steve Miller Band - "The Joker"
* Sting - "Demolition Man (Live)"
* The Stone Roses - "Love Spreads"
* Stuck In The Sound - "Toy Boy"
* Sublime - "Santeria"
* Survivor - "Eye of the Tiger"
* System of a Down - "B.Y.O.B."
* Ted Nugent - "Stranglehold"
* Ted Nugent's Original Guitar Duel Recording
* Tokio Hotel - "Monsoon"
* Tool - "Parabola"
* Tool - "Schism"
* Tool - "Vicarious"
* Trust - "Antisocial"
* Van Halen - "Hot For Teacher"
* Willie Nelson - "On The Road Again"
* Wings - "Band on the Run"
* Zakk Wylde's Original Guitar Duel Recording

Rockband 2 set lis minus downloads, keep in mind for like bucks u can transfer all of rb1's set list to rb2's so the entire disc of songs from rb1 can be used in rb 2. u can also use the songs downloaded from rb1. thier backwards compatible. btw one last thing before i post rb2's set list, u can try out world tour at ur local best buy it should be on display, it's been at mine even bfore it came out.

Rb2 disc set list plus 20 free tracks u get to download once u buy the game.

Rock Band 2 On-Disc Track List:
Artist Song Title Decade
1. AC/DC "Let There Be Rock" 1970s
2. AFI "Girl's Gone Grey" 2000's
3. Alanis Morissette "You Oughta Know" 1990's
4. Alice in Chains "Man in the Box" 1990's
5. Allman Brothers "Ramblin' Man" 1970's
6. Avenged Sevenfold "Almost Easy" 2000's
7. Bad Company "Shooting Star" 1970's
8. Beastie Boys "So Whatcha Want" 1990's
9. Beck "E-Pro" 2000's
10. Bikini Kill "Rebel Girl" 1990's
11. Billy Idol "White Wedding Pt. I" 1980's
12. Blondie "One Way or Another" 1970's
13. Bob Dylan "Tangled Up in Blue" 1970's
14. Bon Jovi "Livin' on a Prayer" 1980's
15. Cheap Trick "Hello There" 1970's
16. Devo "Uncontrollable Urge" 1980's
17. Dinosaur Jr. "Feel the Pain" 1990's
18. Disturbed "Down with the Sickness" 2000's
19. Dream Theater "Panic Attack" 2000's
20. Duran Duran "Hungry Like the Wolf" 1980's
21. Elvis Costello "Pump It Up" 1970's
22. Fleetwood Mac "Go Your Own Way" 1970's
23. Foo Fighters "Everlong" 1990's
24. Guns N' Roses "Shackler's Revenge" 2000's
25. Interpol "PDA" 2000's
26. Jane's Addiction "Mountain Song" 1980's
27. Jethro Tull "Aqualung" 1970's
28. Jimmy Eat World "The Middle" 2000's
29. Joan Jett "Bad Reputation" 1980's
30. Journey "Anyway You Want It" 1970's
31. Judas Priest "Painkiller" 1990's
32. Kansas "Carry On Wayward Son" 1970's
33. L7 "Pretend We're Dead" 1990's
34. Lacuna Coil "Our Truth" 2000's
35. Linkin Park "One Step Closer" 2000's
36. Lit "My Own Worst Enemy" 1990's
37. Lush "De-Luxe" 1990's
38. Mastodon "Colony of Birchmen" 2000's
39. Megadeth "Peace Sells" 1980's
40. Metallica "Battery" 1980's
41. Mighty Mighty Bosstones "Where'd You Go" 1990's
42. Modest Mouse "Float On" 2000's
43. Motorhead "Ace of Spades" 1980's
44. Nirvana "Drain You" 1990's
45. Norman Greenbaum "Spirit in the Sky" 1960's
46. Panic at the Disco "Nine in the Afternoon" 2000's
47. Paramore "That's What You Get" 2000's
48. Pearl Jam "Alive" 1990's
49. Presidents of the USA "Lump" 1990's
50. Rage Against the Machine "Testify" 1990's
51. Ratt "Round & Round" 1980's
52. Red Hot Chili Peppers "Give it Away" 1990's
53. Rise Against "Give it All" 2000's
54. Rush "The Trees" 1970's
55. Silversun Pickups "Lazy Eye" 2000's
56. Smashing Pumpkins "Today" 1990's
57. Social Distortion "I Was Wrong" 1990's
58. Sonic Youth "Teenage Riot" 1980's
59. Soundgarden "Spoonman" 1990's
60. Squeeze "Cool for Cats" 1970's
61. Steely Dan "Bodhitsattva" 1970's
62. Steve Miller Band "Rock'n Me" 1970's
63. Survivor "Eye of the Tiger" 1980's
64. System of a Down "Chop Suey" 2000's
65. Talking Heads "Psycho Killer" 1970's
66. Tenacious D "Master Exploder" 2000's
67. Testament "Souls of Black" 1990's
68. The Donnas "New Kid in School" 2000's
69. The Go-Go's "We Got the Beat" 1980's
70. The Grateful Dead "Alabama Getaway" 1980's
71. The Guess Who "American Woman" 1970's
72. The Muffs "Kids in America" 1990's
73. The Offspring "Come Out & Play (Keep 'em Separated)" 1990's
74. The Replacements "Alex Chilton" 1980's
75. The Who "Pinball Wizard" 1960's
Bonus Artist Bonus Song Title Decade
76. Abnormality "Visions" 2000's
77. An@rchy Club "Get Clean" 2000's
78. Bang Camaro "Night Lies" 2000's
79. Breaking Wheel "Shoulder to the Plow" 2000's
80. The Libyans "Neighborhood" 2000's
81. The Main Drag "A Jagged Gorgeous Winter" 2000's
82. Speck "Conventional Lover" 2000's
83. The Sterns "Supreme Girl" 2000's
84. That Handsome Devil "Rob the Prez-O-Dent" 2000's

free download tracks

The 88 -- "Sons and Daughters"
Authority Zero -- "No Regrets"
Between the Buried and Me -- "Prequel To The Sequel"
The Cab -- "Bounce"
The Chevelles -- "Get It On"
The Cocktail Slippers -- "Give It To Me"
Dealership -- "Database Corrupted"
Endeverafter -- "I Wanna Be Your Man"
The Ghost Hounds -- "Ashes To Fire"
Hollywood Undead -- "Young"
Kutless -- "The Feeling"
The Len Price 3 -- "If I Ain't Got You"
Lesley Roy -- "I'm Gone, I'm Going"
Opiate for the Masses -- "Burn You Down"
Semi-Precious Weapons -- "Magnetic Baby"
Shaimus -- "Like a Fool"
Thenewno2 -- Crazy Tuesday"
Tickle Me Pink -- "The Time Is Wrong"
Underoath -- "Desperate Times, Desperate Measures"
X Japan -- "I.V."

i hope this helps u out.
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