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better yet...


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Awesome! That caught me by surprise...I've never heard of this before.

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I almost didn't even watch cause I thought it was just regular arm wrestling, but I played it and the sh!t seriously hit the fan!

It's kinda funny to watch for a minute I guess. But I'd never follow it as a legit sport.

I'm a huge MMA fan and the first thing that comes to mind is it's like that, but minus almost every aspect that makes MMA such a dynamic, complex, athletic, skillful sport.

But again, if I was flipping channels and came across this, I'd probably keep it there for a few just to see a couple morons beat the p!ss out of each other.

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WTF?? And they're locked to the table too?? That's great.

I wanna see them use tasers on each other next.

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Stupid. =/

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sorta got me laughing at first but damn this is crucial

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I was rooting for green

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That was f*cked up
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