Chad lee taking Type - R over 15" Avalanche


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Old Bridge, NJ USA !

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i was bounceing through google to help out on the hunt for 15' for the guy who got his stolen and i stumbled upon the notorious Chad Lee as he well i'll assume got his first sysem. i only wonder what you would be up to chad if u took the 15.

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well keith i wanted that sub. but the price he was asking was a bit too much. besides i wanted a 2 sub setup.

my first setup was a pair of audiobahn subs. lol.

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Username: Kpa2727

Old Bridge, NJ USA !

Post Number: 1474
Registered: May-07
lol, ah i see i wasn't sure, just curious as hell. i figured since everyone was raving about it i was wondering why u never took it over the type -r. funny story, i'm pretty much walking the same line as you, i started with dual which was right on par with audiobahn, then i moved to infinity which i acctually enjoyed alot then thier coils got warped from haveing them on a slant ina prefab box. now i moved to a type - r in a custom box i built with my uncle. i just got a new job and i'm hunting for the summer for a new install but i'll have to get a new car first this ones on it's last leg, i was looking for a tc sounds 3000 if i can find one. i just really want sound quality but loud sound quality. i won't be competeing but i love me bass.
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