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Hey guys, this is BernyMac. I need some help finding a good security camera system for my parents business. Its in a pretty ghetto neighborhood and my parents just got robbed. So I need to get atleast a camera system with 2 cameras and about 3 days of recording or so. Something around $500 will do fine. Does anyone know if they're hard to hook up? Thanks.

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nope. easy to use.
Theres a guy over at ca that sells that stuff cheap (used). He is the Punisher Van dude. I bet he could hook you up.

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I would thing that you would want a company that does free install and equipment and monitoring, for about $15- $17 a month, and notifies the cops when the alarm is set...there are many companies that do just that..and its also a tax write off..divide the $15 monthly into $500 initial costs, and you get almost 3 years of install, equipment, security and monitoring , along with immediate notification..

No sense having the equipment and it not being monitored and no notification when alarm is set off..3 days later is a little too late to catch the thieves.

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Parents own a donut shop. The windows are bared. So they were face to face. I just need something that'll get their faces. 2-4 cameras would be ideal. But the quality of recording is the main thing I want.

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We use the BlackBox setup in the shop.
Up to 8 camera, but we only have 4 now. It was ~$1200.

Pretty much just a computer w/ a 200gb HD w/ 460x600 cameras. Its ok, not worth the price my boss paid though...imo.

One of the camera are in the glass case right at the door, when we are in the back we see people looking and pointing at it all the time. Funny thing is, its on the same shelf as some used digital cameras and

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"Parents own a donut shop."

Sorry but I cant stop loling about that for some reason!! Hook me up with some donuts Berny!! WTF you been holdin out this whole time? You suck!!

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there are do it yourself ones. Like webcams that hook up to a pc and record when there is movement. But thieves will probly just steal that too.

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"But thieves will probly just steal that too."


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Holy moly donut shop.....
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