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So, after work today I decided to look around the used car places to try and find a decent used truck. I dropped by one w/ a shitload of balloons and banners...they had 2 Rangers and I wanted to take a look.

One of the sales guys walked up to me and we had the usually used car lot chat. I asked for a price on the 03 Ranger ext cab he had...he said, "you are in luck, we are having this big bank sell-off this weekend so you will never see prices like this again!!! We are selling for thousands below NADA"

I'm like, cool. big woop.

He goes in to get a price, I stay out looking at the truck. Truck is in pretty good shape, 30k miles, 6v, nice interior...but has a some rust on the bed bolts. Pain was a little dull too, could use a good buff and wax.

He comes back and tells me the price..."Its sticker is $18,000...but i can give you a deal at $15,000". It was all I could do to not laugh in his face.

Another salesman joins in and they talk about how I could finance for 60months and drive away yea, sure.

So leave and go to the next lot...there sits a brand new '08 Chevy Colorado Ext Cab...$17,000. I lawld.

BTW...NADA on that Ranger was ~$11,500

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heres a chevy cobalt ... luckily its going for 18k .. fully loaded ...

yet it has no cd player in it ..

story a used car dealer told me friend ...

come to find out it had crank windows too

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Damn Canaan buying another truck haha. I thought you had a Silverado and a S10 already?

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no...i just have the 98 silverado.
still looking for an mini-truck.

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For comparison I got my 2006 FX4 F-150, 5.4l V-8, ext cab, fully loaded for a lot less than that "sticker" price for that ranger. I love my truck.


Car/truck salesmen have to be in a world where they believe everyone who crosses the dealership line is completely oblivious to the obvious. When they see you aren't they ease back a bit. It's how they make money. When I bought my second truck I got financing through Capital one. When I presented my check to the dealership for payment they acted like it was from Mars. My interest rate through Capital one was substantially lower than their in house financing and they acted like they wouldn't accept it.

"No problem." I said. "The dealership 2 miles down the road will." Got up to leave and THEN they were happy to accept the check.

The dealership where I bought my current truck wasn't as near as bad but you can still feel the BS in the air........
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