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Yeah so apparently he legally changed his name to Chad Javon Ocho Cinco. I thought it was such a great idea that I would change my name to that as well. What does everyone else think of this ridiculous name change?

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I couldn't care less lol.

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He's not as good as he used to be so he had to do something to stay in the media spotlight.

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did anyone see the interview where chad johnson said he knew people that could beat michael phelps in swimming?

and that he could in fact beat michael phelps in a race?

probably for more air time but what an idiot

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LOL. Part of me cracks up because it is hilarious in a CJ kind of way, and I look forward to seeing his now legal OCHO CINCO on his jersey. But another part of me hears a very clear douchebag alarm just because he is such a clown and he knows everyone will eat this up. He says he doesn't plan this stuff, but come on...

I'll tell you what though -- this will not sit well with Marvin Lewis at all. He has already had just about enough of Chad, and add in his injury and also TJ Whosyourmama too, and the loss of Rudi Johnson, and coach might blow his top on this one. Will be fun to watch either way and that is the beauty of CJ. One thing about this guy though, when it's gametime he shows up bigtime. His numbers the last five years have been as consistent as anyone out there, and he plays in every game. He be what he be.

One other thing. I think that Carson Palmer is going to light it up this year. His O-line is talented, improving and healthy again and he is going to be throwing alot without Rudi back there. What I have seen of Chris Perry and Kenny Watson hasn't been that impressive. The defenses will be keying on the pass, but as we have seen -- when Carson and crew are on, there is no stopping them. CP= (after a lackluster opening day because he never does well against the Ravens) 4000+ yards, 30+ td's. Even Chris Henry will have some big plays.

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I get Bucks like Milwa...

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I don't know if I could say it better, brad.

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I never liked show boats. I can respect their abilities but can't stand them as ppl. Chad, TO, ect, all get theirs in life in one way or another. It's the players who possess both talent and maturity that we all love. No need for a dance in the end zone or a pen in their sock. Players who even the visiting team come to see. Sadly though pro sports is becoming a circus of media attention. Players will stoop to great depths to grab it. Just play the damn game gentlemen.
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