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who watches it?

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Me!!! I love that show!! I DLed the first 3 seasons. Kevin Nealon makes the whole show,he's so f*cking funny in it!! Oh sh*t speaking of Weeds,there was a new episode on tonight,I have it on On Demand on my cable. I need to watch it then Ill be all caught up on the episodes.

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i'm on edge until every monday night lol. i think we have showtime but i d/l every episode anyways :P Kevin Nealon is the sh!t for sure. he plays druggie characters excellently lol. i've burned multiple copies of seasons for friends. sucks this one is almost over though :/

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I just started watching Weeds like a month ago after multiple recommendations. It's great.

Kevin Nealon is funny, but actually Andy (don't know the actor's name) cracks me up the most by far, dude is hilarious.

I just finished season 2, which if you recall ends with Sylas getting busted with their entire harvest (which he stole), and Nancy/Conrad being held at gun point by U-Turn and the mexican hitmen.

Talk about leaving the audience hanging... HURRY THE F*CK UP NETFLIX!!!

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Love me some Mary Louise Parker -- ever since "The Maker" in '97. Talk about a world class milf.

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I prefer this one lol. Damn fine.


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Couldn't agree more about Mary Louise Parker.

masturbat!on lesson:

milf weed:

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"We will help this sad, tall, angry baby man find her." lmao

uturn was IMO one of the best characters. retarded the way he left the show...

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Lol I have never even heard of this show, but that looks bad @ss.
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