The rules must be enforced!


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Quebec city, Quebec

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Posted on Tuesday, August 12, 2008 - 04:31 pm:

Please read 2 threads and do your conclusion

this Forum is cleaner then before with less bashing, please read and delete theses thread to keep serious on Ecoustic

I only ask to doreen to stop his demean on users and just ask to you (Admin) for judge on it and not try to do it by itself.



King Tapeman
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Posted on Tuesday, August 12, 2008 - 02:34 pm:

Why do yo waste time with inexperienced guys
It's usually the least experienced unknowledgeable retard that can't comprehend what's been said
He'll keep on posting until repeated million times at the end won't get it

Just ignore the looser
That's all
eventually he'll give up
Due to the lack of background he'll try anything

Igonre the ignorant
( 1 rule brocken)
Usually works well

First off Plymouth and King Tapeman
I am a women so I ask you to stop referring to me as "HE OR HIS. That is demeaning to-wards me on a personal note. (2 rules broken)

Btw speaking of rules.....if you two Plymouth and King Tapeman want to make threads where no other member can post comments "Hey Plymouth...Stricktly electronics "Keep Out"... Might i suggest moving to the OFF TOPIC forums and let other members participate in the discussions at hand or try PMing one another (3 rules broken )

Should I go to Suggestions & Feedback forum and suggest to the admins to make up a new forum just for you two? called........ "intelligent conversations or Keep Out" Or is it just only you two can break the rules of the ecoustics forum and run to the admins for help because you dont like what others have to say?

Practice what you preach Plymouth and King B4 throwing stones at me.

This is a discussion forum.... That means freedom of speech to post personal answers, opinions, suggestions and feedback on any topic and information regarded within this forum.

For those of you that don't understand what this thread is all about and are lost. A thread was deleted by the admins so this may not make sense to those that never read the thread b4. My apologies for any inconvence...

I am aiming my remarks towards Plymouth and King Tapeman. The only two men that think they can say and do whatever they please at ecoustics and be above the rest of us. They can get away with breaking the rules with the aid of the Admins deleting threads that make Plymouth or King Tapeman look bad ( i didn't realize C/Ping there own words and asking for proof was a form of demeaning and or rule breaking) . Let me be the first one to say this is BS.

Not only must we read all about KINGS s predictions that "the end of FTA is near", scarring newbies and other members here... We have to sit back and watch most of the good members/helpers like LK leave because of men like King and others.

I ask you.., does this seem fair?

King doesn't help... His favorite thing to post about is The end of "PTA" He can't even spell F.T.A. right and expects us to believe in him and when we don't agree with him, voicing our own opinions... he cries to the ADMIN About being ABUSED AND ATTACTING HIM.

Plymouth does the same thing but thinks we all are attacting King just for posting a c/p of kings own words from the archives.

I thought the ecoustic forum was a discussion board. But now I can clearly see that the Admins turns there backs on long standing members and would rather have people with an IQ of a 6 year old run this place.

King Tapeman and his followers are running/ruining the satellite forum into the ground with false accusation to-wards members that are just voicing there opinions ( like the rules clearly say we can do)

Whats does this all mean you ask ..... We must cry to the Admins every time your proven wrong or someone has there own opinion? Ain't that right King and Plymouth... Only you two guys are right and the rest of us no sh!t?

NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Part of the Rules and Guidelines state and I quote " We value your participation! Feel free to post questions, answers, opinions, suggestions, feedback, or information regarding" This was not enforsced and I might add totaly egnored by the Admins when deleting remarks ( opinions ) to Plymouth and King tapeman posts earlier today.

BTW i have asked for the admins attention in this matter and was egnored and the threads deleted at Plymouths request.

I ask you is this fair?

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A pic is worth 1000 posts!!

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It sure is a zoo over there. I stopped dropping by long b4 LK left.

Or has he?

Good to see you haven't vanished Doreen.

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Calm down Doreen grandmama or you gona get yourself a heart attacks again.

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these threads are based on personal attack not admit on forum, now i'm not personal friend with King.
I ask him to deleted a post where he attack White Hawk and he dont do it, now you can see my answer to it here:


King like problem and lost his friend one by one.

I dont know how you say in english: Tete de cochon

In regard with his attitude King play in dust himself now.

Doreen remember i never attack you personaly but your post on members


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Quebec city, Quebec Canada

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Sorry here is the link

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Username: Metallica

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Hi my friend Plymouth just KICK HER @SS.

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Username: Plymouth

Quebec city, Quebec Canada

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Hi Metallica How are you mon ami

Sorry i dont want kick anybody, just try to keep the forum clean, without personal attack, i'm worry King dont understand it.


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Username: Metallica

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I'm doing fine Thanks Plymouth.
she is my friend too and i kicked her @SS all the time and she like it.

Hi Doreen it's me.
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