Barrack Rick roll Video LMAO


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Username: Killerzracing71

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Username: Nyyfan13

15 Mag USA

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Username: Big_edge_head

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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wtf lmao


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Username: Jakeyplaysbass

St. Louis, MO / ASU

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Hahahaha thats awesome.

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Username: Southernrebel

Monroe, Louisiana 3 DD3515s, 2...

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I see another internet sensation in the making.

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Username: Joebruce

TC Sounds/DLS

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Wow I bet that took forever to make.

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Username: Wingmanalive

A pic is worth 1000 posts!!

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Pretty cool.

I hate Ellen.

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Username: Bestmankind

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looks like obama will be the next president. i mean wtf is mc cain thinking with his running mate choice. DAMN!!!!!

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Username: King_of_rats

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Registered: Jun-08

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