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So, today the shop got robbed.
The boss had to go on an to check on a rollup door for the install bay and I was up front.

So...4 guys come in and they have a Marshall power head they want to pawn. look it up and get them a loan value. They want more than I offer, but end up OK-ing the loan. I tell them to go down the center isle and let me test the head.

While I am testing the amp, and 'owner' is right there w/ me...but is buddies are playing lookout and 1 is pulling a Clarion screen out of the sound room (blind spot).

This whole time, I'm actually kinda watching another guy that is looking at tools...I'm trying to see if he is trying to put tools in his pocket.

So, the guys w/ the Marshall amp pawn it and leave. They got the Clarion Hu right out from under my nose. And the guy looking at tools pulled the sticker off a tool and tried to BS me on the price...I caught him in the act, and he leaves (think he was in on the HU snatch and grab).

I didn't know the Hu was gone for ~15mins...when I realize it's gone I call the cops.

Now, here is the FIRST good part.
The geniuses PAWNED the Marshall amp...which means, I got the head guy's drivers license on the computer and his signature where he signed the pawn ticket. THATS RIGHT...NAME, ADDRESS, DESCRIPTION...ALL OF IT.

We also go em on camera taking the HU.

Wait...this gets better.

After the cops came and take the report, my boss calls up his friend that owns another pawn shop on the other side of town. While he was on the phone, the guys COME IN THE OTHER SHOP W/ THE HU!
They are right there in front of the guy on the phone w/ my boss.

On top of that, a worker at that shop knows them by name and knows where all of them live.

They are on camera w/ the HU in hand at 2 different shops.

All I can say is wow...I hope the burn in hell.
And yea...they are fvkt.

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LOL that's great, hope they do some time. Pretty ironic they brought in a Marshall head when your nam... errr never mind I am curious what model it was. If it was a JCM 800, 2256, 1956 etc., especially an older one, you got yourself a very valuable item on your hands. Marshall heads are always in high demand, and depending on which one they stole from someone, it could be one of the sacred models/years.

And you know those losers stole that head too, no way people like that would have $1200-$2800 to spare for a guitar amp. Let alone one that requires a $800 speaker cab to even make sound.

Did it look anything like these two?


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Its was just a 100HDFX.

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times are tough. thats cool you got them.
Crime is on a major upswing. Theres some dudes in MA that pry barring the front doors of pharmacies open and grabbing pain meds. Like 28 stores in new england. Same guys according to police. Also B and E's are getting worse.
But thiefs sux.

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Ppl who steal eventually DO get what they deserve. In this life or the next. Glad to see it will be in THIS life for those clowns.

Stupid fuggers.
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