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I would like to see McCain use the WOW factor in his VP pick. On top of that he should wait until after the dem convention and/or on the very night of Obama`s big speech.
I think a woman is the way to go. The Alaska gov has been mentioned but I also like the woman that works for McCain, former HP CEO, her name slips my mind at the moment.

Howbout someone such as Anne Graham, or along those lines, seriously!! Not that she would but I would like to see them thinking along those lines.

The pick MUST be pro life etc, without question. Should McCain pick Tom Ridge then it is all over, that would turn me off for sure, I would be ill!!

Romney I like but the downside is his Mormon faith. Dems will try to use that to take Rev Wright away from us, we need Rev Wright. I did not mean to insult any good Mormon's here, just pointing out the facts. Dems would surely bring up all the dark side of the Mormon faith.

If it`s going to be a man, why not a black man??? Joe Watkins is one of the finest man in America, works at MSNBC as a Rep strategist. He also is a Pastor of a CHRISTIAN PRO LIFE CHURCH, he is very good looking and well spoken.

My Dark horse for McCain VP is... Tiger Woods fabulous guy!!!

Woods has made a effort to apear to be non political, but is in fact a conservative Republican.


here are my Obama vp picks

Sheila Jackson Lee

Maxine Watters

Barney Frank

William Jefferson

Arianna Huffington

Bill Press

Any of these would do fine

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I LOVE IT Tiger, I hate Obama as well! What a freakin loser he is, total scum bag.

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I would like to see McCain select Romney, but his wisest selection would be Condoleezza Rice. How ironic would it be if McCain got a black woman? It would just be a big "f*ck you" to the Democratic party and I would love nothing more.

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Condi will not run for elected office and has stated that very clearly several times.

I voted for Romney in the primary and wanted him for president so he is my choice.

And yeah, Obama sucks big donkey dick.

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I think its a shame Colin Powell wouldn't ever join the ticket. Then again they say the people best suited for the job would never want it.

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^^^Someone has seen Gladiator.

The corrupt should never rule. However with a system completely saturated with it how would an "honest" candidate get anything accomplished? Everything/anything positive attempted would get resistance by those in congress who might have their taxes raised on their third homes.

At this point swapping out a chess piece won't do. Kicking the table over is a better approach.
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