Manny Ramirez


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it was awesome seeing manny ramirez in a dodgers uniform.

manny coming to the dodgers is a big deal around here. the stadium is sold out for today and tomorow's game. everyone wants to see manny.

now the dodgers lost yesterday and manny wasn't being manny. but what do you expect? it was his first day as a dodger.

its funny how you hate a guy cause he was on the red sox team that killed the angels in the playoffs last year. now that he is a dodger, he becomes your favorite player. i truly am a baseball bandwagon fan. hahaha

on a side note.......

how about them angels. they go in to boston and sweep the sox then go in to new york and win 2 straight and are about to sweep the yankees as well.

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yanksfan....sorry dude but this year belongs to the angels. they got the whole package.

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He said "package" huh huh lol.


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lol paul.

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Manny who?

oh, that washed up thing?


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Lol Marc.

As for you Mr. Lee, you haven't swept us yet my friend. Right now the Yanks are up 4-2 in the top of the 5th. Hopefully we will keep that up and take just one. Right now, I'm just focusing on winning the division first then looking at the playoffs. We took a hit today with Chien Ming missing the rest of the year :-(

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yeah looks like the yankees got this game.

still very impressive though. winning 5 games in a row beating boston and new york.

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Chad, Dodgers got a great player and fun player with Manny. Red Sox had their head up their azz in this trade. Manny is great both on and off the field, brings a lil extra to the plate and the team. You can't help but love him. The Sox will pay for this blunder.

Manny was 100% right when he said the Sox never give their great players the respect they deserve. Looking back, I think of Fisk, Boggs, Lynn, Rice, Damon, Clemens, Pedro etc. All players who were casually treated or released or traded.

I wish Manny and the Dodgers well.

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^^ Great post
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