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What are your best dreams or favorite dreams you've had?

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Hahaha, f*cking this extememly hot chick from work. Really I'd rank her in the 10 hottest women I've seen ever. Wet dream ftw haven't had many of those haha.

Ok too much info I'll stop now

And no I don't have pics

And your thread title Dreaaamms made me think of the Heart song These Dreams lol

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lol Ive had tons of awesome dreams! The most recent dream I had jus the other night,I was chillin with 3 hot chicks and one of them had like an once of coke. So I was like,mind if I do some? She was like break it out. We did alot of coke then f*cked.

Oh wait that wasnt a dream,it really happened :-) lol nah I wish it was real :-(

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lol. yea, you ever dream your doing stuff, then you wake up and feel like your high/drunk for a minute or two. kinda cool.

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On rare occasion I have had a good dream that I was aware(lucid) during, got woken up, and was able to fall asleep and resume the same dream. Great stuff.

Don't you always feel cheated when in your dream you awake before you're just about to stick your.....ummmmm......nevermind.

Those dreams I can never seem to resume lol.

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Jumping off of skyscrapers and landing on the ground with my feet and thinking "Ow, that hurt my feet". Also, I've had these strange dreams of being crushed by GIANT lava rocks lol and as you probably know lava rocks weigh pretty much nothing.

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Scientists say that if, in a dream, you jump off of a tall building and hit the ground you will die. This is with your full body hitting the ground, not your feet. Your brain stores the information of all of your falls and can quantize the force difference between each to minimize trauma for the next time.

Simplified for the less fortunate (80%) on E:

Let's say you slip and fall down on a wet concrete pool deck. Another time you fall off a ladder and land on your back. Then when you were a kid you jumped off the roof and buckled. Your brain calculates the difference of forces between velocity and distance, stores that data, and can then simulate the damage that falling off of a tall building would cause. Your heart shuts down and you never wake up.

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Sometimes I have a dream where I hook up with a less than attractive girl. Since I do pretty well in real life, I wake up and scold my dick, telling it things like "Dude WTF? you don't need that shit!!!" and "You saw her face and you still went in? You're grounded for a week dumbass!!!".

Then I go back to sleep.
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