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check out this thread. this is where i found the group buy on the turbo for my car. take a look and let me know what you think. thanks.

after a few times you might have to register to view the threads. so if you don't mind it don't take that long to register.

i really need your opinion on whether this guy knows what he is doing.

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Hey guys, I'm sure some of you know of the turbo kits I've been building for the 6th gen Accords and Acura TLs and CLs out there. After seeing Matt adapt my kit to his 7th gen accord, I saw the opportunity to go ahead and try to make a kit just for the 7th gen accords.

I do need two volunteers though for this crazy task, just to redo some piping to fit the 7th gen. I'll need one with an automatic transmission and the other with a 6-speed manual transmission.

With the permission of Matt, here's the pics from my thread that he posted up of his accomplishment:

Here's a list of the components that this kit will come with:

A COMPLETE DIY (unlike the threads) which include detailed videos provided via e-book/CD

The XS power kit (will be rebadged)
The Modified downpipe, flexpipe, y-pipe, and charge pipe
Daily driving fuel map is included (on CD)
Boomslang harness
Boost Gauges (Oil Temp, Boost)
All necessary wiring and fuses are provided
Intercooler piping with Intercooler, silicone couplers, and brackets
Hose Clamps
Oil Cooler with proper fittings and hosing.
Oil Sandwich Adapter
Oil Filter
Custom Manufactured braided oil feed line
AEM UEGO (Includes everything from wiring, gauge, and wideband o2 sensor)
Manual Boost controller
Optional wastegate springs
Liquid gasket sealant is included
Fuel Pressure Regulator w/fittings
Braided Fuel Line
Blow Off Valve
Vacuum lines for the BOV, Wastegate, etc.
Super T70 Turbo
All Gaskets Provided
Greddy Full Auto Turbo Timer w/ Ignition wiring harness
Heat Shrink, cable ties, and solder for Wiring
Battery Relocation wiring
Short Ram Intake w/ Heat Shield, bracket, & Filter
Heat Wrap (100ft)
Stainless Steel Ties
Extra nuts and bolts (in case of any stripped/broken during the install)

The ENTIRE kit is covered by a 5 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty. Basically, if there are any parts of the kit that become defective, as long as you have the receipt, send back the original and a replacement will be sent to you.

So far, from working up everything such as pricing and the cost of manufacturing the kit, it comes out to $1800 shipped to your door.

Also, since the turbo will get you going faster, you'll definitely be putting a toll on your brake setup, so each kit will come with FREE brand new Hawk Performance Ceramic Pads and Drilled/slotted Rotors.

Once again, if you guys are interested, let me know and liven up this thread. In order to make this Group Buy happen, I'll need at least 10 people; let's make this happen!

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Pretty good price as long as the parts are of good quality.

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Holy crap, after looking at this list again that's a lot of parts you're getting and it's not fun finding little bits and pieces to complete your setup, all the work is done for you.

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yeah rob. he even wrapped the piping and all. lol.

he'll even included a how-to dvd.

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That's insane, can't beat that sh1t with a stick :-)
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