I need one of these...for "home defense"


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This thing is fvkin amazing...


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Thats amazing.

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NO,just like Canaan said, its FVCKIN AMAZING!

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I want one when he starts selling

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I want one for my cats.

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that is awesome. just mount that thing in the back of a truck and start driving around. lol.

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^that would be a turret. very illegal.

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haha thats nuts

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I was going to say that this was old news but this thing is super advanced in comparison to what I've seen. The funny thing is that this was made by somebody who has a small income as mentioned in the video. Imagine what a well funded group of people could create. Although this guy has made something pretty neat I can guarantee that there's already far better and more advanced weapons like it but there's just so many things we're not shown.
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