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I'm sure most know what those are. It is a drinking game but lets put a little twist on it.

I'll start off by making this thread. Who ever opens this thread and wishes to post in it, has to say something about me that I am most likely to do.

Then the next person who opens the thread has to give a superlative to the person who commented on me.

Example involving me, Reece, and Brad.

Me - made the thread
Reece - yanks is most likely to make this thread
Brad - reece is most likely to lose in fantasy football this year
and so on and so on.

Get it?

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Yanks is most likely to su<k me up.

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why would yanks make a Fail thread?

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marc is most likely to make a whiney post because he didnt come up with this idea

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A pic is worth 1000 posts!!

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And Andrew would most likely arrest Marc for it.

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Paul asks Andrew if he can confiscate and send him any shot glasses he finds in Marc's van.

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Brad is likely to pwn stupid comments and make everyone lol. and then take a shot

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The Chicago area

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Rico Ronriquez is most likely to be deported after Brad Warren reports him to authorities for having illegally immigrated.

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this post will ruin the streak

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andrizzle likes to ruin posts

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A-ToWn, Bangn aint easy ....when u g...

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