4th of July plans!!!!


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This Friday is national independence day. A big holiday for our country and society in general. I'll be taking my daughter to a local fireworks display and going to a BBQ the next day at my folks with both my kids. I will take video of the fireworks and hope to post it here. Tell us what your plans are and feel free to post links to any activity you feel relevant.

Ppl around here have been shooting them off for the past two days in anticipation. God bless America!!!!


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the 4th, Wedding, Downtown Boston. After party Saturday down the cape, BBQ sunday at home with family around the pool.
Hope the weather plays along.

Nice pic Paul.

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A pic is worth 1000 posts!!

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I'm looking forward to it.


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great pic

i plan on hammering beers as much as possible this weekend

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bbq beer fishing mudding fireworks se x not necessarily in that order

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ill be downtown d.c. getting hammered... can't wait

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going to my uncle's house. we gonna grill some carne asada, pork ribs, and jumbo shrimp.

yesterday we went and bought $500 worth of fireworks so all the kids are gonna have enough to play with.

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im at the beach so hopefully ill be hammered.

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I'm going to be at work by myself. All the other employees are off. I'll probaly just knock out, bring movies, or play with myself.

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Just a little article on the history of the holiday. irstcelebrated

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Watch the last half of this vid. You WON'T be disappointed!!!!!


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Cousins from South Carolina are coming over. Then I'm going to the fireworks with someone..

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A pic is worth 1000 posts!!

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Dropping my son off tomorrow at his grandparents' to see a great display. Me and my daughter will see a local display. Smaller but nice.

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Lots of family and friends gathering at my house. Gonna do the usual, BBQ, drinking, and fireworks.

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Ok thats all fine and dandy Jesse now get to chat biatch.
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