Anybody want some Gummy lighthouses? ...


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1 15 = 149.1DBsTrinidad & T...

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hahaha....I wonder what black licorice ones would be like?

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lol but Rovin why were u at

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Lol. Pic saved.

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haha that is great - gummy cockn'balls

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LOL. This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "Go eat a bag of dicks". If you eat too many, do you have to get your stomach pumped like Rod Stewart?

And despite what some might think... this is actually a good thing for the company that makes these. For a few reasons:

1. The average person that buys them already, like kids and mothers, don't even realize what they resemble, so their sales will stay the same.

2. Free advertising all over the net.

3. Will be a big hit at baby showers, bachelor parties, college bashes, homo parades, etc.

4. It is a confidence booster for asians, latinos, and irishmen.

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1 15 = 149.1DBsTrinidad & T...

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'''''''lol but Rovin why were u at'''''''

no not me man - i saw this on another forum & found it was rofl stuff so i had to sahre it

u know if placed vertically nobody might have noticed but i guess a few prolly came out the pack sideways & some perv noticed what it resembled .......

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Haha. If you have ever been to a certain section at Spencers, they have quite a few of interesting shaped candies. LOL.

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How did they manage to get a mold of Chad's pen1s?

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"How did they manage to get a mold of Chad's pen1s?"


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