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So, I had a yellow lab and a blue heeler back home...but being stuck 90miles from home at college/work, I really don't have a dog anymore :-(

I have a pretty small yard (compared to the 7 acre yard back home), so I'm thinking a small dog that will give the squirrels hell. I have my grandpa and dad looking for a wire-hair Jack Russell for me. I just think one of those scruffy lil fockers will make a dam good dog. Well that I I actually love to squirrel hunt, to a good squirrel dog is a plus.

So, what do you say...
Would a Jack fit me?
You know...ADHD and all.

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Small compared to 7 acres could still be fairly large. About what size is the yard? Is it fenced in?

Consider what kind of temperament will suit your lifestyle best...

What sort of personality would work best with you? A working breed that wants to go places with you and be involved in lots of activity? A dog that craves a lot of attention? Lazy?

Are you going to be gone at times where the dog will be home alone for long hours?

How much do you plan to exercise the dog by walking/running/playing outside etc?

How much will the dog be socialized with other dogs and people, particularly at a young age?

Give me an idea of some of those things and i'd LOVE to make some suggestions.

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Well, the yard is actually pretty nice for being 2 block of campus. Yard size is not an issue, and yes its fenced.

I work 9-5:30 usually 6 days a week, but I'm home most of the time other than that.

Every dog I had back home was pretty much a 'free range' animal. They all had the freedom to travel as they please and that usually took them to areas withing half a mile (my uncles, grandpa's, friends houses) to be around other animals. My yellow lab back home is actually 13yrs old and he is still just a big puppy. Best dam dog I ever had, if you saw him you would think he was 4-5yrs old. That was all in a rural setting, so only one main road and he is road-wise. Loves to just leave all day to just hunt (killed more snakes that I ever have, and will give rabbits hell for hours).

I actually hate to see people keep dogs inside. It just seems to me like they don't live a full life. They always seem to get some illness and just get lazy/fat. I can't do that to an animal. If I get the Jack it will not only be a pet, but it will see some hunting in the fall for sure.

I've had a rat-terrier before, and I just like those lil crazy dogs. I play around w/ my animals as much as I can.

If I do get a dog, it will share the yard w/ my roommates dog. She is just a mix...maybe alil Terrier in her, but a larger breed. She was adopted and is pretty skiddish.

My shed out back will pretty much be converted into a partial dog house. And being a small dog, the Jack would be able to come inside for cold weather, even though it doesn't get that cold around here.

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wow sorry i totally forgot about this thread.

First things first the dog has to get along with your roommates current dog. If you're going to adopt (which i STRONGLY encourage), start going to the shelters and seeing some of the dogs. You're gonna have to set it up with the shelter to have the potential new dog meet the current dog to see how they get along.

Mixed breeds are great, I always say the best dogs are mutts. Find a mix with any kind of terrier, hound, spaniel etc. and they should have some prey drive. A shelter should have a dog run for you to take them in where you can see how they behave outside. You probably want a dog that has its ears perked up the whole time, and catches a scent of something almost immediately. Those characteristics should indicate a good prey drive.

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Jacks are great dogs.
I vote for a Jack.

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