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Long story short, my dad is opening a new business with a few of his buddies. The quick run down is he currently drives a truck that gets about 1 mpg (sarcasm). He is going to keep that and buy one of the new 4 door Jeeps as the "family" car even though we have one of the new 300's for the family but whatever floats his boat. Obviously the Jeep doesn't get good gas mileage so he wants a nice luxurious car with good gas mileage to get around in. He is thinking something along the lines of something like a G35 or something. I figured you guys would have better/more options to throw my way. Must be a sedan or coupe, luxurious since he will be driving people around, good gas mileage, and all that fun stuff. Budget is uncertain. Not too much is my best guess lol.

Suggestions please

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depends really personally the 300 is a nice car so why not use that. buying a new car is going to off set the cost of saving gas.

g35 is really nice too i dont know how great of miliage they get though. i think around 20 23.

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Can't go wrong with the G35. Nissan/Infiniti/Renault are making some of the best cars in the world in their price range IMO.

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ok. don't get me wrong here. i realize what company i am about to suggest. but the Hyundai Azera is seriously hard to pass for value. and the Genesis is absolutely gorgeous, though i don't know when it will be available

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Acura TSX or TL
Honda Accord 4dr EX-L
Nissan Maxima
Lexus gs350

All get pretty good gas mileage ranging from 20-30mpg, are reliable, and is luxury if you get the highest model with all the upgrades.

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Dope, the 300 is my moms car so he can't take that everyday.

I love the TL's Berny and I forgot completely about them.

Eric, thats funny cause I just looked at both of those cars and they both are very nice looking. Especially for a Hyundai lol.

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BMW 5 Series
Infiniti M45
Jaguar XFR
Audi A6/A8
Mercedes E350
Volvo S80 T6 Executive

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BMW 135i - its fast and good looking but a smaller car

probably gets good mpgs as well

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"depends really personally the 300 is a nice car so why not use that. buying a new car is going to off set the cost of saving gas."

smartest thing I seen same exact thoughts...especially when added with the ""not too much Budget" statement added to the equation....good one Matt...

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I know what you guys are saying LK and Dope, the thing is though, the 300 is my moms car and she needs that at home so she can use it so my dad can't take that car everyday. As for offsetting the cost of saving gas, that is a good point and the only thing I can say to it is that my dad has been wanting a new car for himself for a few years now and since he now has the money to be able to, he wants to go ahead and get one. Not to mention the truck he uses now is about on its last leg I think.

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I'm sure your pops is an intelligent man (except for his Yanks is very capable of deciding himself what he wants to fill his needs..and will decide for himself..and no matter what he buys, I'm sure it'll be a tax write off, along with the fuel and all expenses, which he may really need and want..and thus the formation of a "new" businesss with some buds..

nice to look out for him, but sure him and buds will all discuss everything and make the best decisions for themselves, individually and collectively..
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