I really want some input on this


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Do you think the teacher or the student was in the wrong?
I am by far the furthest thing from a racist, but I do think the student could be lieing. "Nigga" is a very commonly used slang word here. My black friends call my white teachers nigga all the time and we all crack up lol.
I know if one of my black teachers called me a cracker or a honkey, I would bust out laughing.

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This is the type of thing that really pisses me off. You can tell that teacher is a good guy and he made a mistake. You can also tell that the kid is not being 100% truthful and probably just wants money and/or attention. This will absolutely ruin that teachers life and career he worked all these years for. And over something as retarded as this.

Here is the deal.... slavery in this country ended 143 years ago. That means that not only did our generation not do anything wrong, but neither did our parents, or THEIR parents. I would guess that in this day and age that probably 90% of people in the US don't have any issue at all with black people, I know i don't. How long do we have to pay for what people we didn't even know did almost 150 years ago? It is two thousand fücking eight everyone! You seriously need to get over it.

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thanks Brad.
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