Taylor Swift gets wet...(Brad)


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I expected her to be a better singer, brad was right. I only enjoyed the wet scene, besides that damn that was horrible to listen to...

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Yeah it wasn't that great at all. Its only getting so much press because of her getting wet. Cause that was pretty bad. I just thought it was 1 bad performance...does she sing like that all the time?

Cause if she does, I have to retract my statements I made on

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she needs to stop singing with that nose so much... oh yeah, I didn't know pete wentz played guitar for

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She's got a great voice IMO, just isn't a great singer yet. She sounds good just kinda mellow in her lower register, but when the song calls for her to belt it out a littler more she struggles.

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I was expecting.........something else.


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Yeah that was something. I saw it live and couldn't help thinking that the true country artists and legends in the crowd were without a doubt saying to themselves: "WTF is this?". She is clearly one of those that were chosen and developed for their looks, but she is a sweet girl and she will get better as she goes on. Like Pit said she has the basic voice, she just needs to learn how to control her pitch and screaching tone. This show here wasn't actually too bad as far as Taylor goes... when I played with her in Nashville, people were literally fleeing the FOH speakers. We (Lila McCann) came out after her and absolutely destroyed her band. One thing about Taylor is that she is absolutely incredible when she is standing right in front of you, light years hotter than on a video like this or on tv. And her speaking voice is dick-moving. She is 5 foot 11 inches of pure awesomeness. Singing talent is secondary.

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that didnt even sound country to me. shes got a good voice on studio recording stuff and on lower notes. pretty good show though.
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