Strange Ronald McDonald vid....


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Username: Naledge503

Portland, Or

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Registered: Jun-06
This is some freaky sh!t.


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Username: Nyyfan13

15 Mag USA

Post Number: 9608
Registered: Jul-06
Rofl. Ronald on acid?

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Username: Somedonniedude

Illinois United States

Post Number: 1535
Registered: May-07

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Username: Metallica

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Registered: Jan-08
LOL..i can't believe i watched the whole things..just lost 2 min of my life.

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Username: Livin_loud

COD4 Addict ... Level 2 pre...

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Registered: Jan-06
dan dooo! dan dooo! dan dooo!

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Username: Skibum12189


Post Number: 2849
Registered: Mar-06
that was like a really horrible terrifying trip

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Username: Van_man

Boston South, MA

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Registered: Mar-06
groovy. Kinda hungry for a bigmac and a side of mesc now.

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Username: Big_edge_head

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Post Number: 2178
Registered: Mar-07
That was the dumbest thing ever. lol

Gold Member
Username: Naledge503

Portland, Or

Post Number: 3617
Registered: Jun-06
^^ is. Its like its trying to brainwash you or something. I'm not gonna lie, I was lifted when I watched that video and posted it here. I was lmao at it too.

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Username: Killerzracing71

Post Number: 2194
Registered: Aug-05
sh*t like that scares me i realy hate stupid things like that like sounds that dont make any sence or pics of freaky lookin stuff

LOL if i was High i would throw my CPU across the room LOL F dat

Silver Member
Username: Kyle_lowe

Post Number: 941
Registered: Apr-06
haha what is that
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