Hood Rat Stuff Part II


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Latarian Milton Strikes Again - May 14

Remember that little 7-year-old peach who took his memaw's car for a joyride last month? He said he did it because "doing bad things is fun" and he wanted to do "hood rat stuff with friends." Well, he's struck again. Literally. Latarian Milton was taken in for a mental health evaluation after he allegedly beat down his grandma inside a Wal-Mart in South Florida over some chicken wings.

Latarian's grandma, Vikkita Stratford, told WPBF that it all started when he asked her to buy him some chicken wings at Wal-Mart. When she refused, Latarian ordered them anyway. Vikkita went to confront him and that's when the party started.

She said, "He just started hitting me -- just started hitting me in front of the whole Wal-Mart. Every one in there was upset." Latarian was taken to a local hospital by police for a 72-hour mental health evaluation. Vikkita blames his parents. She said all he has "ever seen was his parents do physical and abusive and verbal things."

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I told everyone we would see him again.

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As did I Paul.

"I hope this 7 yeard old kid turns out to be an outstanding gentleman in society so he can prove ALL of the STEREOTYPES wrong."

I love it.

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i just feel bad for his grandma

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Rofl. Poor Grandma. Today is my Grandma's birthday, Ill make sure to give her a hug instead of a punch to the face lol.

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Yanks Fan..Happy Birthday to your Grandma
This Coffee Mugs is for her.

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what a fat fucck

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He kinda looks like a mini notorious big.

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I get Bucks like Milwa...

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dont hate on big like that

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I ain't mad at cha Pit.

His fat azz needs locked up, send his bytch azz a message and a lesson.
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