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DAILY, there are about 2000 World War 11 soldiers dying...a tribute to them, who made our lives, what it is today..

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Cheers, LK.
And thanks.

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All of us tend to forget the WW11 vets (me included), and I see em daily all over the VFW clubs and other places etc...and I just think of them as old took me a minute to watch this, and actually think about what they did, and how they are dying now, and many are lonely, sick, and forgotten...I thought it be deserving that they be fact I made a special trip today , down to the local Veterans nursing home at the VA center, just to bring em something and personally thank each one..

When your young or even just younger than them, U tend to ignore them and focus on yourself and present day vets, which are NOT forgotten, like these oldtimers and once warriors, are now..
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