Help me decide what type of project to do for my electronics engineering final project


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I've been thinking for a couple of hours now trying to think of a project to do. I was able to think of 3 without knowing if it has been done before or not.

1. Automatic light sensored window blinds - Window blinds open or close depending on the amount of light.
(Now, after a little research, I found that some students have done this project, although I don't know if they were successful or not)

2. Wireless camera with motion sensor inside vehicle - Wireless camera will move automatically depending on
motion sensors. Will send data back to inhome pc recording the current event. Wireless camera turns on
when vehicle is being tampered with (alarm)

3. Automobile automatic ac controller - adjust temperature depending on weather temperature. Just like a home ac controller, it will turn on by itself and adjust the temperature in home. But with a car, if this happened, the battery would drain out. So the ac would come into play when it is started. Instead of adjusting and messing around with if its to cold or getting to hot, a sensor will detect when temperature is just right and turn itself off.

#2 & 3, I don't know if they have been done yet. I did think of these ideas myself and I'm coming to you for advice as to what you think would be considered the best idea. If any of you are electronic engineers, what do you guys think? Do you guys think my ideas are to basic? Of course, some programming is going to be needed. The class for which I will be attempting this project starts in June and ends in September. But I want to think about it right now so that I have more time to attempt any of the projects.

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dei actually has something like number 3. im on the q now so I dont feel like searching for it but go to their site and search under the add ons for their alarms. number 2 would be something cool to do IMO. one in the front of the car and one in the rear.
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