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So I just missed one of our three minute (not even kidding) stoplights yesterday after work when this unbelievably hot girl pulls up in the turn lane across the intersection. This girl was like the type you spot every month or so... just incredible. So first I thought hmmm she is turning left in front of me and I am in the right lane so as soon as she goes I will just pull behind her. But then I noticed that some dorky guy prolly in his 40's was sitting in the passenger seat. So I thought wtf, could that be her dad for the major cockblock of all time? So I decide, fück it, I am gonna follow her and at least see if she lives around here. So all of a sudden her turn arrow goes green and she races, and I mean races through the turn, tires screeching, car tilting.... Then I see the door and the guy close up, it's a fücking Driving School car and she is taking her test!!!! This crazy girl is speeding around with a terrified teacher trying to hit the brakes on his side and making the car jerk all over the place.

So lol at this point I am in tears laughing so hard and thinking, what should I do... is this girl crazy?, maybe she isn't even worth pursuing. But then lmfao I see her pull over a couple blocks up the road so I passed real slow and the driving teacher dude is yelling at her, waving his finger and she is laughing and looking out the door towards me. This is when I knew, when I saw her face close up and the way she looked at me, that yes, I had to follow her. I thought, usually these private driving guys just come over to your house and get you so maybe he will drop her off. At this point she knows what I am doing and is waving at me like "come on... follow us". So I did. About a mile up she pulls over and gets out. The guy gets in and takes off as the girl walks towards my truck. She gets in. Talked to her for like twenty minutes, already had a killer in because of what I saw, asked her is she was crazy and that she looked a bit old to be taking a driving test and all that, she said she got in a crash and had to take defensive driving school (lol!) We laughed about what happened yada yada.... gonna see her this weekend. Found out her name is Emily and she is single and 26. Hot as fück. ........Score!

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Would you let her drive your truck?

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Brad Warren. Women want him, men want to be him.

I probably would have done something super dorky like give a thumbs up or something and then crashed due to nervousness/over-excitement.

Can I be your apprentice?

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Brad Warren, the myth, the man, the legand

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Keith: the stereo addict, the man, the incompetent speller.


Good job, man.

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ya, So you bonk her yet?
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