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Username: Kyle_lowe

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Registered: Apr-06
thread dedicated to any conversation. perhaps it could lead to less meaningless threads in this place

ill start
expect some drunk ecoustic ing tonight
i know when i get back i will be inclined to do it

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Username: Kyle_lowe

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Registered: Apr-06
ok, im not going to lie, i am already drinking

i just read the Herbert the g@y guy ... thread and it was funny as H E double hockeysticks

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Username: Wingmanalive

A pic is worth 1000 posts!!

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Wussup Kyle?

Feeling groooovy tonight lol?

I'm about to go outside and start a fire in my chiminea.

Should be a blast.

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Username: Shortysetnies

Rock Vegas, NC US

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Registered: Mar-06
I just took a good poo. I feel a lot better.

I see this a a great way to post whore

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Username: Bernymac


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Registered: Sep-04
Indeed, not only that, but its great so that you don't have to start a useless thread :-). I just got home, and I have to wake up in like 5hrs to go to my friends house because his father passed away, gotta go show some respect. Then I'll have to go to school afterwards.

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Username: Project6

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Registered: Dec-03
This thread is not doing too well
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