Mother's day gift ideas


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Hey mother's day is coming. I want to buy a gift for my mother, something useful or something with special meanings. Any good ideas, waht do you intend to buy for your mother??

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I'm pretty good at picking gifts for people. But I already got my mom something for mothers day. I got her a 2 piece sofa set with ottoman and a rug and curtains for the windows, ran me $1400. But I might just go ahead and do some extra for mothers day, I don't know what yet but I'm sure I'll be able to think of something when the time comes.

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I'm sending her to Europe for a little vacation.

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Those are Very nice gifts that most here can't mom is sick and recuperating from serious surgery, so will just be around to help her out, and let her know I care..and pay for some of her other non related medical expenses, while in hospital..and a simple vase of flowers, and cook her dinner..(shes half bed ridden-lung surgery)

in past, I bought her everything under the sun and the material things she never really cared for..

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im getting a maid :-)

(hope ur mom gets better quick LK)

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that's awful to hear, LK. my prayers will be with her mother. good luck with her recovery.

as for my mother, i'm probably just going to make her a card, buy her some flowers, and be on my best behavior. :-)

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Haven't talked to my mom in months :-(

I try not to think about it.

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Not sure, myself. Probably make something in woodwork.

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I get Bucks like Milwa...

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ehren, i know i don't know your situation with your mother and i don't want to but into your personal life, but do yourself a favor and give her a call. regardless of what is going on it will mean the world to her. it could change the way things currently are, you never know. ;)

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Well I have got an idea for that.

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Well last year I bought a digital frame for my mom, and she did like it very much. My mom used to learn little about art. So I intend to buy some paiting for her. And I hope to find something unique. I have found Canvas Art looks very nice. I found it in a deal for $150:
Even higher price than a digital frame. But I guess my mom will like it.

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I like those digital frames.

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Couple years ago I got my mother one of those "talking" picture frames. You record a message on it and when she presses a button it plays it back. Got her that and a recent pic of my kids (her grand kids) and had recorded my kids sayin' "Hello grandma I love you".
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