Harold And Kumar Return


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In Escape from Guantanamo Bay. This is gonna be greatness.

Unedited trailer, definitely NSFW: You boys ready for your cockmeat sandwich?


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"I fought the law and the law won".


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haha looks stupid but still funny

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That was a funny movie...
"What would Neil Patrick Harris do?"

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I'd say it looks legendary. The first one was the sh!t.

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yeah harold are kumar own. H&K go to white castle is top 10 on my favorite movies ever.

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^but super bad is still better. It was redunk

Real fans will know that word. haha

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wow, lotta love for H&KGTWC. That movie was okay, i guess. I agree with Capps that Super Bad is wayyy funnier than H&KGTWC. And even Super Bad I don't think would make my short list of favorites.

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citics arent giving the one much credit.... But thats expected as the first of series movies is alwyas best..

PLUS everything in H&K2 is just the same as 1, but different setting and stuff....

its great! im going to see it friday night

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going to see it at 6, gonna be awsome

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im seein the 1020 show tonight. gonna be sweeet

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hmm got back earlier and i have to say it was good but idk i just didn't laugh much they mixed in alot of a love story almost setup i had a hard time laughing. btw to all the super bad lover, sure i laughed my azz off ut watch the movie alone with no weed and sober tell me if it's still funny? superbad really took me off guard when i watched it at home and felt like the movie canonly be watched with a audience.

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You watched the movie stoned? How much money did you spend on munchies LOL!

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no , damnit berny, lol i meant you would prob find it funny if you did lol.

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Superbad=Greatness period

I saw H.A.K and overall its not as good as the first one..but def worth seeing...Good thing is that it picks up like 10 min after the other left off..

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Waiting for the DVD.
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