No more windows xp


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im guessing that a marketing lie to help sale$ ....

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vista is garbage, sorry for those of you that have to use it. mac ftw.

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This is old news. The main reason that Microshaft is phasing it out is because XP is the most pirated software of all time. They screwed the pooch big time on the security and tried to implement "fixes" through patches and updates which included the dreaded "Microsoft Genuine Advantage" which (tries to) check your serial against a black list of already used serials and/or banned numbers. Anyone who knows computers knows how to work around this and so guess what? It failed. But along with these so-called updates is a slew of intrusive files (undetectable trojans) that monitor you and send the results back to MS. This is yet another reason to NEVER install any update from Microsuck and manually install the needed fixes. I, and every tech I know, have never installed even one update or patch and haven't had any problems because we know what to fix and where to get those fixes from aftermarket clients.

Steve Gibson has an awesome site that talks about Microshit's mistakes and lame attempts to fix things and has a whole line of free (and safe) workarounds. I have been using his products for many years.

And to read about why you should hate MS and to learn about the criminal things they have done over the years... go here:

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Mac rules!
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