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wats up guys. Half way thru vaca in Ireland. Great weather. Lots of sight seeing. down side is things are expensive with the dollar/euro trade. £60 euro per $100. Gas is like $7 a gallon. Gigs, £7.50 or about $11 per pack. Ouch. But anyway. I like coming here. Got some pics and vids I will share later. So see yous later.

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nice. have fun and be safe marc. looking forward to some pics.

btw are the beaches in europe topless? if so we need pics.

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everything chad said x2

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Ireland is a beautiful country. Tip back a bottle of Beamish Stout for me. Have fun Marc.

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Don't forget the shot glass bud. Glad you're having fun.

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sounds like fun enjoy

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Nice man. Have fun bud.

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Ireland FTW! WOOT!

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A pic is worth 1000 posts!!

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Its' in my blood. Wish I could visit.

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Erin Go Bragh, my friends :-)

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have fun marc. Hows the beer?

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marc hope your having fun over there you lucky man of course you lived over there so it doesnt matter to you lol. But hope its going good and drink some beer man

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my mom and sister went to ireland for spring break. sounded like they had a blast.

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A pic is worth 1000 posts!!

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Have a cold one for me.


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Marc - i am going to have to talk to you about Ireland as I am going in August - have fun
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