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we pay taxes why? so the fukin federal workers in the government can spend our money on themselves :-(

how do they not know who's spending what on what...fukin idiots....

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That's why I let my accountant bend the rules when he does my taxes. It's their job to try and take it and mine to try and keep it. If they can cheat why can't I?

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In all fairness, that initial posting is a cheap shot at military and government employees..

The US Taxpayer is NOT paying for luxury items bought by GOV employees...EACH GOV employee is REQUIRED to have a CC issued to them...the spending limit is based all upon the employees credit...The GOV actually has nothing to do with the card, other than to REQUIRE it, regardless if U already have 20 other cards of your own!...The GOV wants all employess to use ONLY that card when on GOV business, BUT U the card holder and owner are SOLELY responsible for its payment, since it is provided to U only, by the CC company..

So what many employees do is, use it for whatever they want, since its their card, their credit, and are they required to pay the bill and purchases..but Uncle Sam, thinks differently and wants NO other non GOV purchases on it..and requires receipts for expenses over certain limits..

While in the military I had to take "action" against many military and federal employees for allegedly misuing this MANDATED CC, for private all honestly, I saw nothing wrong with using this MANDATED CC for anything any individual wanted to purchase, since the card was the 100% responsibility of the card holder..Uncle had no right to dictate what was purchased...all they did was CREATE their own problems, by mandating use of this CC, and then an additional tasking of monitoring it, requiring more personnel needlessly...

I fought for many years against this Mandatory CC...and spoke at Congressional hearings, and GOV conferences and seminars about this matter...its original intent was to provide a CC for those with no CC or low credit scores who travel frequently, and who initial wanted this card..BUT UNCLE got way too involved, and created a boondoogle for itself!

and yes, some people did abuse it, on RARE occassion, and get in over their heads, but what do U expect when millions are Mandated to have it!

BTW...every month, each commander and purchasing office is provided a list of expenditures out of the GOV norm, so its monitored VERY closely...and actually many times, it is actually used to purchase things such as laptops, Ipods, TV's etc for government use purposes, at the direction of the commanders and other GOV officials, to avoid the many layers of government paperwork and manhours for simple purchases of needed items..honestly the GOV also uses laptops, Ipods, TV.s etc and are up to date with modern technology, just like the civilian world..

These GAO accountants, have just created more positions for themselves, and exagerrated the numbers, for their own job security purposes..while also pushing for this mandated CC..

So don't believe everything the GOV or media publishes, the average military or Federal employee is a good honest man who is paying his bills and NOT misusing anything!..its the GOV requirements and policies themselves that need to be re-examined, not the personnel!

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thanks for the info LK

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Well spoken LK.
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