Elephant Paints "Self" Portrait


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for those of you who haven't seen it, it gets more and more impressive the farther into the video you watch.


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that's incredible. i love seeing the intelligence of animals.

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I get Bucks like Milwa...

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i mean im seriously in awe...

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That's incredible. Really it is.

Next they'll be assembling motherboards for peanuts.

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That is awesome. The phrase "memory of an elephant" comes from the fact that an elephant will remember the smallest things for his/her whole life. If you hit it, they will never forget. If you attach a chain to their feet and they try to get loose and hurt themselves, they will never try again and you can tie a piece of thread around their feet and they will never try to escape. I guess this guy showed him/her how to do this and they remembered the shapes involved. Anyone who kills a beautiful animal like this for the ivory in their tusks needs to be tortured for years.

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pretty cool didnt know they were so smart

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damn that's amazing.

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Truly is incredible.

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That is too cool!
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