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This is a new one for me...

I was playing basketball tonight, which I do every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and we had a new guy come to play with us. I'm 6'6" so I play in the middle obviously and "the new guy" was playing forward for the other team. As normal pick up games, everyone beats and bangs on each other and no one really cares. Well tonight "the new guy" gets the ball and drives down the lane. I went up to block his shot and when I did he ran into me/I bumped into him and he hit the ground hard. Normally, no harm done, they just get the ball back. Well this guy stands up, starts walking to me and flips out. He starts walkin off the court and he said "Im calling the f(_)cking cops. I'm tired of you beating me up."
He procedes to pull out his phone and start to dial 911. Before he could finish, someone walked up and ripped his phone out of his hand and told him to leave. About 15 mins later a cop shows up at the gym (a church gym) and asks for "Andrew". Well I walked over and everyone followed me and "the new guy" was hiding behind the cop saying "thats him. The tall one in the white."
The cop questioned me and some of the others guys playing and finally looked at "the new guy" and said "Son, you came to play basketball. If you are going to cry like that, you need to keep your butt on the couch and watch it on TV. He did nothing wrong and I think you should leave before something else happens and you really do get hurt."
After that we were laughin so hard we couldnt play anymore. That was the best thing to happen around me in a while.

I know, long post but that is something you have to share.

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Wow, what a poon tang. Nice story.

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What a p^ssy lol

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That's awesome. Cool cop.

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Thats why he's called "new guy"...cause nobody will let him stay long enough to be "old guy"...LMAO

U should have stepped on his feet, and threw a few elbows to the kidneys..teach him what real basketball is all about..

Hope he took his panti hose and skirt home with him, when he left..

The cop had his laugh for the nite too..

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The "new guy' should have been charged with felony pussiness and wasting the cop's time, LOL!

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haha what a pussball. he came to the gym with his sports bra.

i play a 3 nights a week and havent seen anything like that yet.

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last time I played, a friend of mine ran into me cause he didn't see me posted up for some reason, he ran into me and fell backwards as if I had clothes-lined him...he gets up and says "sh1t, you're like a f*ckin' brick wall"

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Was this him lol?


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Damn Paul, that's facked up.
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