American Idol 2008


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American Idol 2008
I want to tell everyone that Fox got it wrong
- Eliminating David Hernandez was a mistake
- This clearly shows FOX knows nothing about singing
- Don't say this is what America wanted
- Don't speak on behalf of America
- America has nothing to do with your birocracy
- America and your judges loved David Hernandez
- Don't force your judges to falsely claim America got it right
- I worked all my life in Audio/Video industry
- I love music and singing more than anyone can imagine

To Fox and your judges
You are not qualified to judge such a contest
My advice to all of you:
Get a different career in pizza delivery with bologna
Who cares the guy worked in stripped club or not
You are to judge his singing talent not to correct his resume

Shame on you Fox
No wonder your ratings sucked this year
Who is stupid enough to watch your show anymore

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He sucked! more ways than one...and I've been a musician for 40 years myself!

KING...if ya know anything about music and performers, he really blew!

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If you say that then you are not in the music industry
Keep an eye on his name my friend
He dosn't need FOX crap to make in the music business
I personally haven't seen a better talent like David Hernandez since the loss of John Lennon

Only Michael Buble is terrific
David Hernandez will be something else
Take it to the bank

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King...I'm surprised at I know U have no idea what U are talking about!

John Lennon ...and this ga*y lap dancer have nothing in common...especially musically or musical talent...put down the crack pipe dude..

OH..they both do have 1 thing in common, neither has a future in music..

BTW...I have been around the music industry and friends in Steppenwolf, Clint Black, Ricky Nelson, Linda Ronstadt, and cut a few myself with various groups over the U are not the only one who may know a little about the musical arena..

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Today's talent is dance and sing like a package It's a business
No more real vocal talent or sing along lyrics
I personally thought John Lennon was last best singer

David perhaps even better vocal singer
Not as good as John in terms of writting lyrics

I judged David Hernandez as talentive singer not as a lap dancer as I beieved the competition was about a singing contest

Listen to the judges comments
And see if it was biased or not

It's a shame America
When Fox speaks on your behalf

Don't tell me
That David Hernandez was the least talentive vocalist among the top 12

It's a shame on anyone who can't understand what a real gifted talent is.

No wonder the music industry not as good as the 60s 70s 80s

It's a business

A different generation will bring the real talent back
This generation is not ready yet

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It's the same with Hollywood. Nobody can come up with an original script anymore.
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