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client: utorrent

problem: nothing is really dl'ing or ul'ing. everything went down the sh!tter...

i've just hit a wall of ceased function. i recently changed my "maxhalfopen" tcp option from like 8 to 60. now at 20... torrents may pick some speed up for a few minutes, but they die shortly after. nothing above 10kbps

disabled my firewall which yielded no results. might try forwarding my port?

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Open your bittorrent program. Then scan ports 6881 to 6889, thats what bittorrent uses.

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Don't change your maxhalfopen value, or any of the advanced options for that matter. Set your incoming port selection to 11256. Also check that your Global Bandwidth Limiting is set to 0 (zero) on the download side. Are you sure the torrents you are testing on have enough seeders to go faster? While you are downloading a torrent, right click on it and click "Update Tracker" a few times. Use this for your tests to be sure:

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M.S. - no response in any of the ports lol

Brad - set maxhalfopen back to 8, changed port, saw immediate response. plenty of seeds for all. things look to be back and kickin :-)

now i can get my relax with nature cd's lol. i'll get the BC album while i'm at it too. should be a good listen. thanks!
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