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Smell of Failure: Man Attempts Robbery With Gun-Shaped Cologne Bottle

Saturday, March 01, 2008

An Akron man is under arrest after attempting to rob two men with a fake gun that ended up being a bottle of cologne.

Michael Kaminski, 41, is being held in the Summit County Jail on a $75,000 dollar bond after attempting to rob two men outside a video store in Akron's Highland Square.

According to Akron Police Lt. Rick Edwards, Kaminski approached the men and began ordering the two into the video store with the fake gun in hand.

When the two men realized the gun was a fake, they attacked Kaminski, holding him and calling 911.

"It's unusual that somebody would use a cologne bottle, I mean by looking at it at night time, you wouldn't know the difference." said Lt. Edwards, "It possibly could be a gun, I mean he's taken black magic marker and colored the gold so it looks like it's real."

Kaminski fought the men and tried to get away but one of the workers has a background in martial arts. The worker took Kaminski to the ground face first and held him until police arrived.

Police say when Kaminiski was taken away in handcuffs, he reeked of the cheap cologne from his spray gun.

"They broke the bottom of it, so he had cologne all over him when we got there." said Lt. Edwards.

Investigators say a search of Kaminiski revealed that he also had a knife in his pocket.

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A pic is worth 1000 posts!!

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Imagine his thought process for choosing between the knife and the cologne.

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hmm... knife, cologne bottle? knife, cologne bottle? knife, cologne bottle.... Duh, cologne bottle. What a dumbass

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theres a guy who lives down the street from me with the same last name. he is a psycho. he lives on a golf course and when somone walked into his back yard just to get their ball he came out with a loaded 12 guage. he is an alcoholic though.

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Well, he'll smell real attractive when they haul him out to jail, I'm sure he'll arouse a lot of the inmates! ROTFLMAO!

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good 1 Berny - LOL

looks stunned as fack in that mugshot .....
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