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Anyone seen this flick? My brother gave it to me on DVD for xmas so we watched it last night. Unbelievable, one of the best movies i've seen in a long time. It's a true story, I HIGHLY suggest seeing this movie. It's all subtitled cause it takes place in Brazil, but the reading doesn't make it boring by any means. There's a lot of guns, drugs and crime. Seriously the slums in a place like Brazil make our north american "ghettos" look like disney land.

But if you're looking for a storyline with real depth, and a raw, gritty style of film making, this is it. All the while through the crime, death and tragedy, the film takes an artistic, moving point of view.

Plot Summary: "Cidade de Deus (City of God) is a housing project built in the 1960's that--in the early 80's--became one of the most dangerous places in Rio de Janeiro. The tale tells the stories of many characters whose lives sometimes intersect. However, all is seen through the eyes of a singular narrator: Rocket, a poor black youth too frail and scared to become an outlaw but also too smart to be content with underpaid, menial jobs. He grows up in a very violent environment. The odds are all against him. But Rocket soon discovers that he can see reality differently than others. His redemption is that he's been given an artist's point of view as a keen-eyed photographer. As Rocket is not the real protagonist of the film--only the narrator--he is not the one who makes the decisions that will determine the sequence of events. Nevertheless, not only his life is attached to what happens in the story, but it is also through Rocket's perspective of life that one can understand the complicated layers and humanity of a world, apparently condemned to endless violence."

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Yes I saw that movie a while back. Great movie. In fact, the filmmakers who did that movie, also are doing 'City of Men' on the Sundance Channel. Not sure of the times. But anyone who loves City of God will love City of Men. Might be able to watch the first episodes on dvd.

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So "City of Men" is a tv series? I haven't heard of it but i'll have to look into it if it's made by the same people. I was/am really blown away by this movie :-)

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Excellent movie. My brother rented it when it came out a couple of years ago.

Compared to movies that are out nowadays its really breathtaking. Blockbusters like "I Am Legend" pale in comparison.

On a side note, I am officially sick of Will Smiths movies.. Since Independence Day I haven't liked anything he has put out.
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