If you were stranded on an island, what music would you die for?


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I was watching a segment of "Outback Jack" a couple of weeks ago, and I started to wonder what if I were stranded in a similar island, and the girls had gone (had backed out, or "Backout"), and all that was left to do was wish for some darn good music to listen to? Well, here's my list of music to die for:


Any Charlie Parker album - oh yeah!
I'll Be Around - Billie Holiday
Humpty Dumpty - Chick Corea (from "The Mad Hatter")
Violets For Your Furs - Dave Brubeck Quartet (from the ridiculously expensive Japanese CD reissue, "Angel Eyes")

Israel - Bill Evans Trio
How High The Moon - Diane Schuur


Impromptu in Gb, Op. 90 - Franz Schubert
IMHO, I find this the most lyrical piece ever written for the piano. My favourite is the version by Murray Perahia.

Symphony nos. 4, 5 and 6 - P. Tchaikovsky

Good, old Pyotr certainly pulled a neat trick on all of us when he wrote the rather unorthodox slow (Adagio lamentoso - Andante) finale on the Sixth. How brilliant the concept of the final notes "fading into nothingness" is. Always a moving piece of music, to me, personally.

Symphony nos. 1 and 2 - J. Sibelius
What gorgeous melody the final movement of Symphony no. 1 contains!
On the 2nd symphony, the third movement leading to the final movement attacca* is a fine example of tension-and-release that only a great piece of music can evoke. Everytime I listen to this symphony, I have to stop what I'm doing and eagerly anticipate the triumphant opening notes of the final movement.

* attacca - a direction at the end of a movement to show that the next is to follow immediately, without any pause

Prelude no. 4 in E minor - Chopin

Waltz in Ab, op. 69 No. 1 In A-Flat ('L'Adieu') - Chopin as played by Artur Rubinstein.
Arabesque no. 1 - Claude Debussy

Classic rock:

Communication Breakdown - Led Zep
Highway Star - Deep Purple

Danny Boy - a cappella version by John McDermott (wow!)

What A Wonderful World - Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong

What A Wonderful Forum - John A. and His Chorus (Larry R "Wryter"; My Rantz; Kegger; Landroval; etc. ) Strike up the band!

So, what about you? What music pieces would be on your "marooned" list?

(Of course, the basic problem is, what if there was no electricity on the island? Then it's up to John A. and His Chorus.)

Sects, sects, sects. Is that all you monks ever think about?


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My stranded on island music would be:

Island In the Sun
Girls, Girls, Girls
Here comes the sun
I'm so lonely
I want someone to love

and finally:
I think I'm going slightly mad.


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Ojo: just back from an opera-week in Santa Fe, I read with interest your island choices. Rather broad, and very sensitive. You obviously know much about the classics - and I must away to my collection to "brush up" on a couple of them. will post reply soon. Just glad to be back, and missed by the hurricane (by 30 miles) More from me on the "OperaNutz" thread later today.
Respectfully, Larry R.
PS - LOVE My Rantz choices! GRIN!!

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Good choices, My Rantz :-)

Here's more:

Dream, Dream, Dream
Homeward Bound
Another One Bites The Dust
See Ya Later, Alligator

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There is a really long-running, weekly, BBC radio programme called Desert Island Discs. Each week a new castaway (usually someone fairly famous) chooses eight "gramophone records" plus one book and one luxury item. My provisional list is under constant revision, ready and waiting for the call.... I remember once a fellow said his luxury would be a really good hi-fi system, to play them on.

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hopefully... i'd at least have a cd/cassette boombox. a turntable for the out of print stuff in my collection would be nice too. not that i have one, i'll pretend that i was stranded with a solar powered MP3 player and had already loaded tracks from all of the various formats in my collection.

solex: solex vs. the hitmeister... super catchy electronic music sung by a cutsey voiced female

the art of noise: daft... the best sample based music ever made. wierd, funky and fun

desmond dekker: the best of desmond dekker... awesome collection of upbeat early ska songs that predate reggae

scientist: tribute to king tubby... is a dub album that sounds alot funkier than "purist" dub

led zepplin... all of my favorite tracks from their complete studio collection box

bernstein's favorites: opera for orchestra... for when i'm in the mood for classical

dvorak: new world syphony (9th)... for more serious classical

buzzcocks: operator's manual... for those rave up days.

marta sebestyen: apocryphia... for days where beauty is needed

devo: Q: are we not men? A: we are devo! ... for nostalgia

philip glass: glassworks... for total escapism

and selected tracks from rhino's "hip hop from the top" and "rock instrumental classics" series.

really, i'd rather have a collection of individual favorite tracks than albums. there are very few albums that are totally worth listening to for me. most of my favorite songs are single tracks in an album or compilation.

i'd have to have the instrumental b-side to my "beat bop" 12" single for example.

i'd rather have a choice of 50 songs than a dozen albums any day.

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2PAC!, Lil Jon, Ying Yang Twins and ,and, um...I think thats it. Dont have any songs in particular but all of them would do.

All though if I were stranded on an uninhabited island forever with NO WOMEN, I would wish for a 12 gauge shotgun and I would shoot myself.

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If I were stranded I would want two CD's,The Yes Album and my Bill Cosby CD for laughs.

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3 discs: Artist - Title

the Durutti Column - Vini Reilly
flying saucer attack - Distance
Comet - Chandelier Musings

is that obscure or what

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just gimme all the cds with music from the 80s & i'll live happily ........

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well , yall losers will be stranded out there with all those cds...but how ya gonna play them ? lol ya need a portable cd player and like 74873549985 batteries too :-)

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