Dts 96/24 decoding


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I'm new to home theater and trying to figure out what my a/v receiver must have. Can anybody tell me if my avr needs dts 96/24 ?

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DTS 96/24 is backward compatible, so there should be no problem playing those discs on a normal DTS system.

On the other hand, standard DTS is a quite compressed format, worse than CD. So you should appreciate some improvement if you move up to 96/24. But only for DTS 96/24 discs, probably no difference for standard DTS. Haven't seen that many discs yet in this format, but here's a link:

Finally, as we are talking about a format I believe applies rather for music than movies: there are superior formats, SACD and DVD-Audio. If you want something that really sounds better than CD, I recommend getting a compatible receiver. They typically have 5.1 analogue input (future gear will also have a digital connection called HDMI).


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i would agree with arnold and the same would apply
to your dvd player.

i would recomend quite veitamtaly that you have
a unversal player that can play both dvd-a and sacd.

a couple examples in there respective price ranges
would be the denon 2200 $500 and the pioneer 563a $100.

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I agree with the two esteemed gentlemen above. I would add that music listening to high resolution discs can give you an immediate improvement over "old-fashioned" CD (also known as "CD redbook"). You don't need DTS 96/24 and it is hard to know if that particular format has much of a future. There are more SACD discs now than DVD-A, and to my ear, both sound as good as the other. Still, if you can get DTS 96/24 thrown in, why not.

Also, make sure you budget and don't skimp on quality sound in AVR AND speakers - you need to listen to combinations of AVR's and speakers yourself, preferably listening to the same high-rez disc in the same room.

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