Atom bombs and mines of Johanisburg


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Hi everybody!

I could use some help in identifying two songs that I've heard and really liked. I've searched around a lot without any ressult, so now I'm turning to the professionals :D

The first one is a song about "The Atom Bomb". I heard it at a local HiFi store and realy liked it, but sadly I remember very litle of the text apart from the title. I've asked the dealer, but apparently the custumer who used it for audition brought his own music (no big surprise there). The singer is male, probably first bass and I bet its an american artist. My guess is that the song was produced during the cold war times since I remember drawing some parallels to the message of "dr strangelove", but now I'm only guessing...

The other song was played during a session where I was fortunate to be able to listen to a 1.2 milion dolar B&W + Classé setup. The song was about the trains carrying workers to Johanisburg to work in the mines there. A very sad song about people leaving there families and frinds never to return. The singer was (probably) a black male with a deep bass voice. Large parts of the recording was more like storrytelling in pace with the music rather than actual singing. Unfortunately, the guy from B&W who ran the session was asking the audience if they know who the artist was, so no help there...

Needless to say, both recordings are VERY living with lots of dynamics.

Any clues?

/ Soren

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I can't offer anything on the tracks, Soren, but the Classe, I will offer 2 thumbs up!(see my profile)

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I recently found the Johannesburg song and thaught I might as well post a note. I suspect noone would ever care, but I figured that, in that case, noone would get hurt either :D

Anyhow, the artist I searched for was Hugh Masekela, the song is named "Johannesburg Hi-Lite Jive" and appears on the album "Hugh Masekela & Union of South Africa".

Still havn't found anything on the "atom bomb"-song :'( .

Nuck: I whish I had enough money to buy something as well sounding as Classé. But I guess I will be stuck on the bottom of the foodchain for a couple of more years...

And now, off to the record store...
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