Best sex songs


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I have searched all over the internet for the best songs to play when ur making love and can't find anything so i am asking others what they think are the best sex songs and list them. I will list what i know. It can be anything.

1. the whole pretty ricky cd
2. anything by kc & jojo
3. i can tell - 504 boyz

I cant think of anymore at the moment but i know im missing a lot


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Check out any of Jim Brickman's music.

Musical under wear removers.

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whoa, i like 10 sex cd's, i will try and list all the songs for ya

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Dang, this one died real quick like!

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download from limewire


& tell me what u guys think ...........

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What is it? How about a hint, a sex music or sex video

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its a reggae song - nothing really filthy though but not advised 2 play it around young kids ......

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my girlfriend and i like that song a lot but i still want to know more. I guess the people that posted on this thread are the only ones that have a love life. if you read this and think different then post what you think is good.

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Any Barry White, Luther, or Jahiem

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Definitely Barry White...a must have.

Check out Jonathan Butler.

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who b he ^^^ - lol ......

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Who? Barry White or Jonathan Butler?

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O.D.B- give me my money
Eminem- These bi.tches on our di.cks th.ts why doods be gettin drips....Thats not the name of the song but it's some of the lyrics from the eminem song i'm thinkin of. can't remember right now

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those ones will really get her^^^^

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those ones will really get her^^^^

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Sure thing...yikes!


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Jonathan Butler?

Eminem is my fav & only rap artist i listen too - that song DRIPS is really about girls fuqing around & giving u STD lyrics though ...

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Jonathan Butler is a jazz musician who plays a sweet guitar. I believe he is from S. Africa. I've been a fan of his, since the 80's when he was just starting out. I've been to a lot of his concerts...the fair ladies get wet listening to him play and sing. Musical foreplay if you will.

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Then there's Alphone Mouson.

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oops, make that Alphonse Mouson...another jazz player.

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Oh soo soo many... let's see my two "sex drive" cds have included:

Sex on the beach
Sex bomb
Too sexy
Org@sm addict
Bad touch
It wasn't me
You sexy thing
Voulez vous coucher
Would you
Sex in the kitchen
Do you
Bad reputation

"Sex drive take 2" is:

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So you think this songs turn women on?

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The 2 Live Crew -
Can a Nigga Get a Tabledance
Hoochie Mama
Me so H orny

Eazy E -
Just Don't Bite It

In all seriousness, Barry White and UB40 did me pretty well in college.

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seems you like to listen to more hip hop/ r&b during sex. not that genre of music but i recommend portishead. very nice during sex.

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Anything by SADE!!!!

Katie L
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Billy Idol-Cradle of Love
David Banner-Play (dirty)
Starsailor-4 to the floor

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I must've missed it but I don't see any Marvin Gaye...."Let's Get it On". I don't many women my age who don't come unglued with a little Marvin.

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You sly dog Art.
Marvin and Barry White with a Montovani nightcap.

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I'll take Marvin and Barry perhaps even some Isaac Hayes but you can keep the Montovani.

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silk all the way that gets the ladies in the big azz mood

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One of my Favorites is "Feelin Love" by Paula Cole and "Lick" by Joi, download them and let me know what you think, if you don't allready know it.

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i like "lets get it on"

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" by your side" by sade

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that song makes me wanna hold someone and never let go

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you can dl it on limewire

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Anything from AL GREEN!!!

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Cradle Of Love- Billy Idol
Sweet Cherry Pie- Whitesnake
Tha Crossroads-Bone Thugs 'n Harmony
By Your Side- Sade
The Love Song-The Cure
Red Red Wine- Bob Marley
Call On Me- Eric Prydz
Turn Me On-Kevin Lyttle
Purple Rain-Prince
Body Language-Queen
Silver And Cold-AFI

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when i think about you i touch myself- from austin powers haha

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LOL or push it by salt and pepper

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Try Google

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Well this is a qu eer azz thread but only 2 or 3 songs have eva turned me on in my life lol and both were from Oobie from lil jon. Oh na na na na, dirty dancin OMG!!! lol check em out and her voice is so hot ull have an org asm just listenin to here sayin "ima dirty dance fo ya, ima shake my azz fo ya, ima drop my pants fo ya"ect

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my girlfriend is really into rap/hip hop/r&b stuff to hav sex to. She likes 50 cent's candy shop and ludacris's whats your fantasy. If anyone could get me a list of songs like that i'd appreciate it very much

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Change [In the House of Flies] by The Deftones
Redeemer by Marilyn Manson
Slept So Long by Godhead
When Does Cry by Prince

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You have to hear Jose Nunez -Bilingual
Toni Braxton You're makin me high
LL Cool J Doin It well

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"Bulls on Parade"

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If you can get a girl that likes the vocal guys, you're in.

Michael Buble
Harry Connick Jr.
Nat King Cole

A song doesn't have to refer to sex to make her want it.

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My very first post will be in this thread that I'm also very interested in.

My personal all-time favorite sex song: Sexy - Black Eyed Peas

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OMG... I cant believe this. I have been looking for the best songs to have sex to just like you guys... But I'm obviously WAAAY ahead of you... I cant believe there's no ENIGMA in here... Pop MCMXC A.D. in your CD player and get ready for a complete s3xual experience.

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Charlie Boy- The best of charlie boy track 29

Just type in charlie boy on lime wire and itll come up

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Lol. Did it work on you???


I guess it depends on the person. Personally I think the standards hit home. Any woman into Sinatra, Nat king cole, Harry Connick Jr, Michael Buble my kind of girl.

I'm not afraid of a little country as long as it's upbeat. I can't see how any woman would get the hots off rap or metal, but that's me, I know millions do lol.

When I think romantic I picture what's playing in the background at our favorite restaurant when I'm proposing or at our wedding reception during our dance. Somehow 2-Pac or Metallica wouldn't fit the bill.

Now after the booze and the lights go down it's a different story lol.

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i know some good r&b/hip-hop tracks...lots of t-pain and chris brizzie get the girls wet..these have worked for me

cyclone - t-pain ft baby bash
shawty - t-pain
your body - pretty ricky
on the hotline - pretty ricky
poppin - chris brown
gimme that - chris brown
oh boy - cam'ron
best friend - 50 cent
magic stick - 50 cent
just a lil bit - 50 cent
i wanna f*ck you - akon
Bananza (Belly Dancer)- akon
u got it bad - usher
burn - usher
my boo - usher
yeah - usher
slow jams - twista
sugar - trick daddy
shake ya tailfeather - nelly
candy shop - 50 cent
shak ya as_s - mystikal
this is why im hot - mims
lets get it on - marvin gaye
lets go - juelz santana ft camron(this is the marvin gaye lets it on remix so if your girl digs hip-hop this is the remix for you instead of the marvin gaye one)

even tho i hate ja-rule the song 'between me and you' is a good one too

if you wanan get the mood right then save the more rap/hip-hop for the middle of your 'session'

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Put it in my mouth by Akinyele. Just follow the instructions and you can't go wrong.

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Slave To Love - Byran Ferry


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Jimmy Buffet, Barry White, Al Green, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Marvin Gaye
They're all great classics but a new artist who does a lot of these songs as remakes and has some of his own too is Michael Buble. He's got far too many great sex/romantic songs to list..... My friends and I all call him the Pa nty Dropper

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I agree al green and marvin gaye are all that you need.

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I registered to this forum just for this post! I've been on a sex music finding spree lately and thought I'd share some. I know some have already been listed but.. eh I don't feel like reviewing to edit them out.

*Keith Sweat - Nobody
*Keith Sweat - Twisted
*Bob Dylan - Lay, Lady, Lay
*Joi - Lick (The Lapdance song from TripleX)
*Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (this you can really get into. haha)
*Daft Punk - Something About us
*She Wants Revenge - Out of Control (it may not be for everyone, but wow, it does it for me)
*Billy Idol - Cradle of Love
*Rome - I Belong to You
*Marvin Gaye - Lets get it on(I actually had a guy strip for me to this)
*The Cure - Just Like Heaven
*Live - The Dolphin's Cry (It's a song about sex on the beach ffs)
*Bruce Springstein - I'm on fire
*Type O Negative - Love You to Death (I might be the only one this does it for, but.. you never know; it's worth a try)
*Usher - Nice and Slow
*LLCoolJ - Doin' It
*TLC - Red Light Special
*Portishead - almost any song. Awesome Rythyms.
*Red Hot Chili Peppers - Sir Psycho Sexy
*Led Zeppelin - Kashmir
*Beastie Boys - Rickie's Theme

Good stripping for your man songs:
Roxette - She's got the look
R Kelly - Slow Wind
Joi - Lick (I know, I listed that but, its awesome for stripping to)

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well i know that when my boyfriend puts on change by the deftones he knows what he's doing. i love that song, it's just idk...i even like just putting on the whole queen of the damned soundtrack {good movie even better music} the whole cd is just hot. also closer by the nin OH! and enigma the first cd. let it play all the way

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Enya - Sadness
Chris Rock - No Sex in the Champagne Room
KC & Jojo - All My Life
Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes
Usher - You Don't Have To Call
Berlin - Take My Breath Away (Top Gun Theme)
Brian Ferry - Slave To Love
Chingy - One Call Away

Those songs are on my Party Play list for obvious reasons.....

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all my life - kci jojo
all these things - art neville
always n forever - luther
and i miss u - sade
anytime - brian mcknight
ask of you - raphael saadiq
baby its yours - mya
b careful - r kelly
because i love you - stevie b
because u loved me - celine
breathe again - toni braxton
by your side - sade
can we make love - keith sweat
cancion de misty - pokemon
cupid - 112
differences - ginuwine
*rain - total
hero - enrique iglesias
dreaming of you - selena
for u i will - monica
everything i do - brandy
everytime i close my eyes - babyface
fortunate - maxwell
freak me - silk
hello - lionel richie
how do i live with out you - leann rimes
i belong to u - rome
i can tell - 504 boyz
grind wit me - pretty ricky
*i can't stop lovin u - kem
*i could fall in love - selena
do u rly want 2 hurt me - culture club
i love u - vanilla ice
i miss u - aaron hall
i still believe - mariah carey
*****i swear - all 4 one
i'll b there - jackson 5
i'll make love to u - boyz ii men
i'll never get over you - selena
seems like your ready - r kelly
just once - james ingram
last night - az yet
lets get it on - marvin
lets make love - silk
*love you down - inoj
make it up with love - atl
maybe - johnny gill
missin my baby - selena
my body - lsg
nobody - keith sweat
nobody knows - tony rich project
nothing compares 2 u - sinead o connor
**oh girl - chi-lites
hotline - pretty ricky
*one more try - timmy t
over and over - nelly
**pushin inside you - sons of funk
ready willin n able - jaheim
run to you - whitney
saved for someone else - az yet
sex me - r kelly
some people - leann rimes
step in my room - r kelly
straight up - paula abdul
*stroke u up - changes faces
take my breath away - berlin
*unchained melody - righteous brothers
understanding - xscape
water runs dry - boyz ii men
weak - swv
when can i see u again - babyface
when i dream at night - marc anthony
***when the last teardrop falls - blaque ivory
you - jesse powell
you are my everything - boyz ii men
you are my ladie - freddie jackson

this does it for me and the miss's by the time i get to the last song sessions over

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all i can say is wtf

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lol @ the songs here. that's just r&b and newage youngster music. if ur young in ur teens then go for some chris brown and pretty ricky.. and if ur real into rap just get a plies cd cuz all he talks about is f*cking anyway and females.

But for real class, and if ur an adult and in the older class (altho some kids listen to) go for eddie/gerald levert. Maybe some brian mcknight etc. But gerald especially.. u should hear "the g-spot" gets to the point , has alotta bass and gets the job done

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Type O Negative- Druidess. That song is to hot to trot.

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i can't believe that i didn't see any deftones in here. Change (in the house of flies) by far the best song to have sex to. Digital Bath from the deftones isn't to bad either.

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Check out It's only in my dreams by the corrs

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hear is whats on my cd:

pitbull - toma
flo rida - low
baby bash - cyclone
trick daddy - sugar
usher - love in this club
pitbull - boom its on
ying yang twins - salt shaker
soulja boy - crank dat soulja boy
ying yang twins - bojangles
lil jon - get low
salt n pepper - push it
ludacris - whats your fantasy
genuine - pony
trick daddy - lets go
mims - this is why i'm hott
kc and jojo - all my life

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OMG out of all you people no one said AVANT ?! his lyrics are definately the sexiest i have ever heard download making good love.... its great! also some jahiem and teddy pendegrass.

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Okay, you people have some really odd sex... lol

A bunch of different stuff here but how about

The Moody Blues - Nights in White satin

Sade - No Ordinary Love

Ringside - Talk To Me

James Brown & Pavarotti - It's A Man's World (it's good=-)

Cardigans - Erase and Rewind

B.B. King - The Thrill Is Gone (don't know why but think it's sexy)

Enigma- Push the Limits

Led Zeppelin - Since I've been Loving you 1973

Air - Talisman

Esthero - Song For Holly (maybe)

Alice In Chains - Rotten Apple (maybe lol)

Otis Redding - I've been loving you...

Um, I've kinda been looking for sex songs too.
Please keep going!!!! That song Lick was pretty good =-)


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very nice addition kat

seems as though this is the never ending thread

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Thanks Decipha.

The more the merrier, I suppose.
I bet there's a lot of people in the need of some mood music =-)~

(Um, I guess I should add Lenny Kravitz - Fly Away.
Used to think it was kind of sexy.)

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I can't believe no one put down Too Close by Next. I LOVE that song. I also have:

Pretty Ricky- your body
-grind on me

John Mayer- your body is a wonderland

Boyz II men- I'll make love to you
-I swear

Lil' Wayne- lollipop

Mariah Carey- touch my body

Usher- make love in this club

Natasha Bedingfield- love like this

Alicia Keys- no one
-like you'll never see me again remix

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Okay, so I read this WHOLE thing and you guys need to be schooled in the sex music.

I saw some good stuff, R.Kelly, Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Pretty Ricky, Usher, Silk...yea those are good.

I read the comment about the R&B youngster age music, and I'm gonna have to disagree on that one.

R&B, old and new, really, is just the best baby makin music out there.
Ill break you all off with something ALL OF YOU should listen to; a few of my favorites for, well, you know (;

Speechless- Beyonce
Dot Com- Usher
Freak Me- Silk
Let's Get It On- Marvin Gaye (Of course)
Let's Stay Together- Al Green
NaNa- Monifa Feat. Chico DeBarge
Promise & Promise Remix(feat. R.Kelly)- Ciara

Your Body's Callin & Your Body's Callin Remix (Feat. Aaliyah)
Slow Wind
Down Low
It Seems Like You're Ready
Bump 'N Grind (Cheesy, but good :D)
The Greatest Sex

Pretty Ricky:
Up and Down
Call Me
Love Like Honey
Ain't Nothin But A Number

When Doves Cry- Prince
Rock The Boat- Aaliyah
Take You Down- Chris Brown
Say It- Ne-Yo
Love- Musiq Soulchild
Naked- Marques Houston
Lay In My Bed- Mario
La Vie En Rose- Louis Armstrong
Bed- J. Holiday
Between The Sheets- The Isley Brothers
In The Still Of The Night- The Five Satins
At Last- Etta James
Falsetto & Purple Kisses The-Dream (Some of the lyrics in these I could really do without, but their both still so good)
Stand By Me- B. E. King
Cry To Me- Solomon Burke
T-Shirt & My Panti*s On- Adina Howard
Most Robin Thicke songs are good
Nice & Slow- Usher

So there, some of my faaaaaaavorites (dot com and say it esp.)

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Lil' Wayne Lollipop FTW

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check out puscifer- rev22:20
its from the movie underworld.. and personally its MY song...

it does the job for both of us =P

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I think I'm fairly qualified in this subject, and I say...

De'Angelo-How does it feel(for the ladies)
Ray J- Boyfriend(for the playas to the ladies)
Ja Rule- Down A## Chick(for non playas to the ladies)
Trillville- Some Cut(for that rough ish)

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Two Live Crew-"we want some p##@@y" Lol...

naw but fa' real

Keith Sweat- how deep is your love

anything by the Isley Brothers

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okay time for me to shut it down download this in order let it ride and i guarantee sumthin will go down

-Big Pun- Still not a playa (dirty version)

-Da Brat & Tyreses - What Do You Like

-T.I. - Lets Get Away

-Lil' Wayne - I'm More Fly Than You

-Snoop Dogg - Let's Get Blown

-Ja Rule Ft Christina Millian - Between Me And You

-Montell Jordan feat LL Cool J- Get it on Tonite (Remix)

-Mya Ft Jay Z - Best Of Me (Remix)

-LL Cool J feat. Total - Loungin (remix)

-Genuwine - In Those Jeans

-LL Cool J - Doing It Well

-112 - Anywhere

-R Kelly - Seems Like Your Ready

-Tyrese - On Top Of Me

-R Kelly - Sex Is On My Mind

-Marques Houston - Naked

-R. Kelly - Bump N Grind (remix)

-Ginuwine - Pony

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Would You Mind -Janet Jackson
Say Yes -Floetry
This Woman's Work -Maxwell
Bedroom Boom -Ying Yang Twins ft. Avant

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Trust me on this topic. I generally prefer an old school/R&B soul vibe. These pics are foolproof. Especially the first three. Bear in mind that I'm not talking about just getting some in a car somewhere. I only break out this CD when I have the time and the inclination to go all night.

1. THE ULTIMATE, TRUST ME - "The Secret Garden (Sweet Seduction Suite)" by Barry White, Al B. Sure, El DeBarge, Quincy Jones and James Ingram.

2. Marvin Gaye - "S*xual Healing"
3. Joe - "The Love Scene"
4. Raheem DeVaughn - "You"
5. J Holiday - "Bed"
6. Omarion - "O"
7. Montell Jordan - "I Can Do That"
8. Paula Cole - "Feelin Love" (so over the top, but fun for a woman to dance for her man)
9. Alexander O'Neal - "When the Party's Over" (nice smooth beat)
10. Force MDs - "Tender Love"

Have fun! ;)

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OK, here are two songs that will surely secure the get down...

Minnie Riperton - "Inside My Love"

Quincy Jones - "The Secret Garden" featuring Al B. Sure, James Ingram, El DeBarge, & Barry White

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Parylizer - Finger Eleven
Addicted - Saving Abel

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Girls Got Rhythm -€/DC

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From SC living in Atlanta, GA USA

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Just click here for the best playlist. All the songs are slow, and there's over 100 songs.

Mic Angelo Dundee...and the dj's name is Purty Tony Valentine...stay tuned for more

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I see most of the songs here are of the "tame" variety. I am actually a fan of "throw you up against the wall" style of music to have sex to, and thus, here's a playlist that can get the job done! ;)

Buckcherry - Crazy B****
Saving Abel - Addicted
Seether - FMLYHM
NIN - Animal
Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar
Faithless - If Loving You Is Wrong
White Zombie - Astro Creep 2000
Offspring - Want You Bad
Kevin Rudolf - Let it Rock
Dope - You Spin Me Right Round
Hoobastank - Inside of You
Aerosmith - Love in an Elevator
Nickelback - Animals
Hinder - Use Me
Adema - Giving In

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Username: Ladii0

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Love You Gently - Usher
Can You Handle It - Usher
Lets Take Our Time - TLC
Sex Planet - R. Kelly
In The Dark - Omarion
Lights Down Low - Bobby Valentino
Over & Over - Bobby Valentino
Rendezvous - Craig David
How Does It Feel - D'Angelo
*****Co-Star - Day 26*****
What It Feels Like - Day 26
Dont Fight The Feeling - Day 26
*****Brand New - Drake*****
When We Make Love - Ginuwine
Music For Love - Mario
Naked - Marques Houston
Sex With You - Marques Houston
Quicky - Miguel
Take You There - Musiq Soulchild
Mirror - Ne-Yo
Say It - Ne-Yo
Im Comin - O'Ryan
Slow Dancin - Omarion
Fienin You - Omarion
Just That Sexy - Omarion
Take It Off - Pharrell
Get You Wet - Plies
Play House - Pretty Ricky
Love Like Honey - Pretty Ricky
Lay Your Body Down - Pretty Willie
Champagne Chronic Nightcap - Solange
Backseat Action - T.Pain
Put It Down - T.Pain
Yo Stomach - T.Pain
P*rn Star - T.I.
Freak Though - T.I.
Lay Your Head On My Pillow - Tony Tone Toni
Role play - Trey Songz
We Should Be - Trey Songz
Signs Of Love Making - Tyrese
Do It To Me - Usher
Nice And Slow - Usher
112 - You Already Know
Speechless - Beyonce


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Username: Angedaddy

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ok chech this out hit up :
me'shell ndegeocello- Beautiful, Trust, and The Way
Sleepy Brown- Till(your legs start shaking)
Goody Mobb- Beautiful Skin
Tech Nine- Slither
Kieth Sweat- Nobody, Promise
Without You by J-Holiday
Walked Outta Heaven by Jagged Edge, Charlie, Last Name Wilson by Charlie Wilson,
Slow Jam (feat. Monica) by Usher, Everything by Marques Houston,
Promise by Jagged Edge,
Must Be Nice by Lyfe Jennings,
Never Neverland by Lyfe Jennings,

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Username: Mike19

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Crazy B___h by Buck Cherry off "15" album. Album rated X and not sold by Walmart. Can't even post tile on this forum!

Whole Lotta Love - LZ. Only song I ever heard where male vocalist has an o____m.


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Username: Nocomment

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I miss the subtle songs for easy loving :D

Purple Rain - Prince
Have You Ever Loved A Woman - Eric Clapton
Hey Girl - The Temptations
The Moody Blues - Nights in White satin
The Unforgettable Fire - U2
On The Beach - Chris Rea
Girl you'll be a woman soon - Urge Overkill
Lady in Red - Chris De Burgh
You Are Here - John Lennon
Night Calls - Joe Cocker
Marooned - Pink Floyd
Wait - Ying Yang Twins
Black Magic Woman - Santana
Saba Pa Ti - Santana
Sexy Boy - Air
The way you look tonight - Air
Love Over Gold - Dire Straits
Private Investigations - Dire Straits
Barry white not to be missed...

Almost every song of John legend :D

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Username: Blkngrn

Sydney, NSW Australia

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The best song is...

Walking on Space by Smooth.

This song is probably the BEST SONG out of all of these. Omg. Took me about 6 months to find it on the internet for download.

Listen here on youtube.

Has the most amazing bass.

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Username: Angelee82

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NIN - downward spiral cd
anything by TOOL
Passenger by Deftones
She Wants Revenge

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Username: Giqi

Laveen, AZ US

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Damn. i'm in love with this type of music.

Here we qo.
BTW, q's = G's. Lol

nothinq in this world - avant ft. keke wyatts
make qood love / when it hurts - avant
be on you - flo rida ft. Neyo
cupid / anywhere / peaches & cream / SWEET LOVE - 112
nice & slow / do it to me - usher
qet you wet / street liqht / riqht n wronq way / please excuse my hands / bust it baby - Plies
nothinq's free / ooh na na / one niqht stand - oobie
sure thinq - miquel jontell
without u / sweet misery / u think u know - latif
must be nice / never never land - lyfe jenninqs
southside - lloyd ft. ashanti
heaven sent / trust / love / you complete me /i've chanqed - keyshia cole
lions, tiqers & bears - jazmine sullivan
* slow / freakin' me - jamie foxx
**it's yours / ** FOREVER AIN'T ENOUGH ** - j holiday
when i see you - fantasia
i love you - faith evans
hands on me - bobby valentino
my little secret - xscape

****** [ S A Y Y E S - corey ] ******

Wow. tht was a lot to type.. Lol. There love sonqs as well - iHavent qotten into the - rouqh - sex music Quite yet.. Lol. Hopefully, iHelped yu out thoe

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Ok so I know a lot of people on here like r'n'b/hip hop songs but MAN are you guys missing out!!! Personally I like my songs fairly deep (rhythmically) can be fast or slow, but if the song has some good deep bass and a great rhythm, I am there.

Gotta try:
"Ooh la la" & "Crystalline Green" - Goldfrapp
Both are smooth and have great rhythm's.

"Revelation 22:20" - Puscifer
Deep and very s-e-xual. Not only does he have a gorgeous voice but the imagery that the music brings up... *drools*

"Drive" - Melissa Ferrick
Haha basically, it gives you some great ideas... Like in the shower, in the kitchen, in the office during business hours...

"Touch it" - Monifah
Yeah no explanation needed there.

(lol I've been on a good sex song search and had to register to share these, but oh they are so worth it!)

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Username: Lolitalana

Maryland USA

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Christina Aguilara - Nasty Naughty Boy
Nine Inch Nails - Closer
Prince - Cream
Def Leopard - Pour Some Sugar On Me
Mya - My Love Is Like Whoa
Mariah Carey - Touch My Body
Kid Rock - Cowboy
Shakira - Objection
Aerosmith - Dont Wanna Miss A Thing

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Username: Mrsrayj

Baltimore, Maryland Dundalk

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I have so much....I hope you look...and love there are so many songs that it will blow your mind but hella great in tha bed lol....if I have a star by it that means the best...well in my opion or just that a lot of people like it more love it than like it tho lol and one more thing if some songs have more stars then others then that means you should really lisen to it we go.....

Ray J - Beds Go Hard
Ray J - S*x In The Rain*****
Tha Joker - Blow Ya Back Out
Jeremiah - Raindrops*****
Trey Songz - Upstairs
Ray J - So Wet***
Ray J - Wet Me**
Ray J - S*xy*****
Ray J - In Tha Mood***
Soulja Boy - Late Night Call {AkA...Im Horn*}****
Soulja Boy - B**ty Meat***
Usher - Nice & Slow***********
Usher - Trading Places****
Ashanti - Rescue**
Pleasure P - Feel The Rush******
Pretty Ricky - Late Night Call
Pretty Ricky - Grind With Me********
Pretty Ricky - Up And Down
Pretty Ricky - Love Like Honey****************
Jagged Edge - Put A Little Ummph In It****
Pop It Off Boyz - Scream**********
Plies - Get You Wet******
Plies - Miss. Pretty Pu**y
Plies - You****
Plies - Please Excuse My Hands
Plies - Hypnotized**
Ne-Yo - Say It*******
Avant - Make Good Love*********
Lloyd - Feel So Right*********************
Mario - Music For Love****
R. Kelly - Slow Wind
Ginuwine - So Anxious***
Ginuwine - When We Make Love
The-Dream - Fallsetto*********
Jeremiah - Birthday S*x********************************{Most def if it's your b-day}
Jamie Foxx - Slow****
Jamie Foxx - Freakin Me
Marques Houston - Naked
Keith Sweat - Nobody**************************************************{Gets me all the time lol}
Pretty Willie - Lay Your Body Down
Ying Yang Twins - Bedroom Boom***
Twista - Wetter************
Trina - I Gotta Problem************************
Floetry - Say Yes
Chris Brown - Poppin {Remix}*********
{or just the regular Poppin is fine but I would better prefer the remix}
Mariah Carey - Bliss*
Ne-Yo - Mirrior
Silk - Freak Me****
J Holiday - Bed******
Tamia - Cant No Man******{You will know why when you hear the chours}
Tyrese - Signs Of Love Makeing***
Tyrese - On Top Of Me
Usher - Do It To Me**
Ginuwine - S*x
Ginuwine - Do You Wanna****
3 Piece - Ohh Ahh
3 Piece - S*xual Healing***************
3 Piece - Do You Wanna {Different song}
Ashanti - So Hot
Usher - Make Me Wanna***
Usher- Seduction
Usher - Can You Get Wit It
Usher - This Aint S*x
Ying Yang Twins - Salt Shaker*
Silk - Freakin You***
Silk - Silktime********
Silk - I Can Go Deep****
Silk - Lets Make Love****
Babyface - When Your Body Gets Weak******{this song will put you to sleep lol}
R. Kelly - Bump N Grind
R. Kelly - S*x Me
R. Kelly - Touchin
R. Kelly - Feelin On Yo B**ty****
R. Kelly - Seem Like You Ready**
Ashanti - F**k Song************
Adina Howard - Tee Shirt And Pan*ies********{Good stuff}
Adina Howard - Nasty Grind
Adina Howard - Freak Me
Black Street - Deep******************{omfg yes yes yes}
Changeing Faces - Stroke You Up
Ll Cool J - Doin It***
Pretty Ricky - Your Body****
Trillville - Some Cut****
Day 26 - Dont Fight The Feelin**
Twista - So Sexy
Aaliyah - Rock The Boat*****
Ameria - Touch*****
Ashanti - Rock Wit You***
Ashanti - Ohh Ahh*******
Ashanti - I Dont Mind********
Ashanti - Only You***
B2K - Bump Bump Bump*
Beyonce - Naughty Girl
Beyonce - Sweet Dreams**
Beyonce - Video Phone******
Beyonce - Ego******{def if your partner has}
Beyonce - Check On It
Cassie - Me & You
Chris Brown - Take You Down*****
Destiny's Child - T-Shirt
Destiny's Child - No No No Prt 1
Mya - My Love Is Like Whoa****
Pu**y Cat Dolls - Buttons*****
Ray J - I Like To Trick
Ray J - Gifts*****
Ray J - Let's Play House
Snoop Dogg - Senual Seduction
Usher - That's What Its Made For*******
Usher - Can You Handle It***********{Fall sleep everytime}

That's all I have right now only s*x songs but I have like lap danceing songs lol but this is only for s*x songs lol to bad I have more but dont feel like typeing all of that lol hope I helped you out a lot and if not then I hoped I itleasted helped you out enough to make that spark in da bed lol this be yo gurl christina aka cc bka mrs ray j singin out ya digg im out nig nig

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Username: Ashleyxcorex

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Reverse cowgirl - T Pain
Me&U- cassie
Neighbors know my name- Trey Songz
birthday sex- jeremih
birthday suit- pleasure p
bed- j holiday
that body - jeremih
under- pleasure p
feel the rush- pleasure p
so seductive- 50 cent
wetter- twister
boyfriend number 2- pleasure p

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Username: 420pimp2

Baltimore Atlantic Ci..., MD, NJ

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david banner- pus*y monster
r kelly- ignition remix

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Username: Pristine427

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I origionally pulled up this post looking for Avant - Making Good Love.
I love everyone's lists believe it or not there are alot of really great country songs to get in the mood with your partner and I will put together a list soon but i noticed that Brittney Spears - Breath on Me is not on anyone's list. Its a great song, girls throw it on and start to strip down and enjoy it with your man trust me you will love it.

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Username: Thedarkmisfit

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Im Gonna Tell You A Song That Should Do Its Job
Los Lonely Boys - More Than Love

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Username: Cjnight

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Eminem - Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna

especially if you've seen the video:

maybe cuz I just like Megan Fox :X

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Username: Bulldog23730

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Noize and Naked by Marcus Houston!!!!
Juicy and Playhouse by Pretty Ricky
Bedroom Music by Ace Hood
Bedroom Boom by Ying Yang Twins

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Username: Chipaz

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Oh, sorry)))) I'm from Ukraine, I can make some mistakes. I think the best of the ones for sex is LOVAGE! Especially the theme "Sex (I am)". I hope you'll enjoy it)))) Have a nice and hot night!!!!!!

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Username: Elphie1616

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It really depends on the kind of sex you want to have: making love, having sex, or f***ing.

Pony by Ginuwine
Feelin' Love by Paula Cole
You're Making Me High by Toni Braxton
If by Janet Jackson
Any Time, Any Place by Janet Jackson
Throb by Janet Jackson
Justify My Love by Madonna
Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' by Journey
S*xual Healing by Marvin Gaye
Nice and Slow by Usher
Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard
Dirrty by Christina Aguilera
Nasty, Naughty Boy by Christina Aguilera
Shoop by Salt and Peppa
Wild Thing by Tone Loc
Slow Motion by Juvenile
Candy Shop by 50 Cent
My Goodies by Ciara
Let's Get it on by Marvin Gaye
Brown Skin by India Arie
Ready for Love by Bad Company (my personal favorite!!!!!)

Enjoy SAFELY!!!!!!!<3

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Username: Whitetiger80

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Hi guya and gals i'm a newbie so be gentle

any sugesstions of tunes to have hard fast pounding sex to e.g dance beaty bass stuff

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Username: Litlejj91

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Usher : Nice And Slow
That's all you need just play it over and over
Me and my girl have sex on it all the time
I love the song

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Username: Prettyboy211

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Freak'in Me by Jamie Foxx
Bed by J. Holliday
Intimate by Jamie Foxx
Slow by Jamie Foxx
Suffocate by J. Holliday


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Username: Vabe

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depending on what kind of sex you wanna have...

almost any song from portishead and massive attack

motivation-kelly rowland
lollipop-framing hanley

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Username: Coolkidimhappy

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I wanna be your dog - The stooges
The lemon song - Led Zeppelin

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Username: Louize

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Ok guys,

What about for you boys out there...

I want a play list to really turn my guy on. Slow, fast, and maybe a little bit dirty. Very hot.

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Username: Sierrav3

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This is very special to me it makes me cry when listening to this!!!

214 by Rivermaya (filipino rock band)

balisong by Rivermaya

cheers :D

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Username: Bunnyboi

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Musicology ... Prince
Can i touch you there .. Michael Bolton

My two pence worth

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Username: Hotcoco

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R Kelly's 12 Play CD
R Kelly, Strip For You
Sons of Funk, Pushing inside of you

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Username: Nelson1234

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"Sex on the beach" its too sexy video song

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Username: Jessica21

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What about songs that a girlfriend can play to turn their boyfriend on????

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Username: Billius

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Phil Collins In the air tonight. It's my favorite one.

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Username: Markultra

New York, New York Usa

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Deftones- Digital Bath. I know it's a bit heavy, but vocalist have such sexy voice that the song becomes a bit sex-ual.

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Username: Itsmejerry04


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I laughed at the thread. I suddenly felt heat hahaha

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Username: Ketyball

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I love the Weeknd artist; he has a fantastic voice and timbre. I think that his songs are perfect for having sex with them.
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