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I have a small piece of a song in MP3 format that i would like help with identifying who is singing it or what the name of the song is. The file is about 1 MB so i can't attach it to this post.

Thanks in advance

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send it to my email

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I have this song I have been trying to find and I only know a part of the lyrics, but i was hoping someone could help me. It is a song from either the late 80s or early to mid 90s. The lyrics are:
Girl" In the night, in my dreams I'm in love with you. Won't you talk to me like lovers do. I feel dirty, I feel strange but its still the same. When the night is done I be in love.
Guy: I tal..I tal.. I talk to you in the night in your dreams of love so true
This continues as the chorus for a minute or so. I am not sure if those are the exact lyrics but they are pretty close. Anyone who could help me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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there is a website called - u could see if its there ......

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OMG..Thank You so much..i finally found the song it is called "Another Night" by Real Mccoy...Thanks again that has been bugging me for a month trying to figure out that song.

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Glad i can help - that site is really cool so any1 can actually know what the correct thing is instead of sounding like a dork trying to mumble/sing along .

I heard that song b4 btw but do not know the lyrics all that well .

Real McCoy 1st real big hit in the USA was a song called "RUNAWAY" - really dancy catchy throbbing bassline tune , check it out .....
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