Looking for wierd & funky instrumental CDs (bass etc.)


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does anyone know of any really good funky instrumental CDs without raps or vocals? in partcular, i like the hip-hop style that was known as "stupid fresh" eg. gordy's groove, the woppit and other silly but funky songs.

i can't stand nearly ANY electronic CD i've heard as 98% of it all sounds the same to me. most of the tribal, trance, breakbeat etc. ALL sound exactly like house music to me.

i'd REALLY like to find two instrumental CDs that i saw in the early 90s that are impossible to find info on any more. i'm positive that one of them was called "hip-hop's phattest instrumental b-sides" which included instrumentals for "it takes two", "the humpty dance", "atomic dog" and "pleasure of love" among others, but haven't been able to find anything about it on the net. the other CD included the song "the smurf" along with about a dozen more instrumentals.

some of the best instrumental CDs, albums and tapes in my collection include:

the art of noise: daft... which is a collection of most of the art of noise's best sample based early tracks.

cabaret voltaire: plasticity... which sounds a little like trance music, but has more fluidity and less "boomboomboomboom" repetition that most electronic music has.

scientist: tribute to king tubby... is a "dub" tape that is really funky actually and that doesn't stick to standard dub formula much. i paid $1 for it, but it's well worth the $5 or so list price that ROIR sells it for

various artists: dubnology... is one of the best electronic music collections i've ever heard. alot of it has "house" leanings, but there is a huge variety of styles in it from straight ahead old school dub to a cut reminiscent of yellow's classic cut "oh yeah".

kraftwerk: just about every album kraftwerk has put out has been very good to excellent. as technical as they are, their music has alot more heart than most other electronic wannabees

david byrne & brian eno: my life in the bush of ghosts... isn't really an instrumental album, but it is pretty "funky" as far as electronic music goes and the vocals are often secondary to the actual music.

d.j. magic mike presents bass is the name of the game... isn't the greatest electronic music, but it's better than any other bass CD i've heard on the tracks where his MC shuts up

paul hardcastle: zero one... this album is only available on an import CD now that i think is out of print. i really think that the b-side is by a band called "universal funk" as the tracks on that side are much more "hip-hop" than typical hardcastle. the standout track is "drum beat" which features the typical travelogue voice saying "left... right.." bouncing between speakers with a huge bass breakbeat that sounds similar to art of noise's funkier tracks like "the army now".

i just listened to alot of instrumental "dj" album samples including "the return of the DJ" series, but they just didn't have the energy of cuts like "two, three break" or other old school hip-hop classics.

if anyone knows of any off the beaten path CDs that have funky instrumentals be they electronic, acoustic, bass or whatever that have slow skipping beats, i'd appreciate your recommendations. a hard driving SYNCOPATED beat is my highest priority. i DESPISE fast "boomboomboomboom" static beats. and don't crare much for simple button pushing "sample... sam... sam sample" music. at least the art of noise animated their samples.

really good electronic and hip-hop instrumentals are virtually impossible to find. most of what i've stumbled upon has been monotonous and uninspired. i'd buy a CD with the instrumental versions of "beat bop", "johhny the fox", "girls" and "rockin' it" in a minute if someone made one.

anything that isn't 120+ beat per minute "boomboomboomboom" is at least worth looking into. i like lopsided, 90 beat per minut, skipping syncopation best.

if you're looking for similar tracks to "kazaa", i could give recomendations, but i don't do downloads personally. i'm looking for in print CDs or tapes. i listen to a wide variety of musical styles and most of my collection is either obscure or "out of print" and very little of it would be on the radio.

i love music, but it's just so hard to actually find any with all of the corporate crap out there. LOL

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You should look into RJD2's music. He makes some really dank beats and instrumentals. I own 'deadringer' (actually, has since been stolen from me) which is his second newest album and it will impress you. Good bass too.

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thanks for your feedback, but RJD2 definately isn't my kind of music. it wasn't instrumental either. every one of the 4-5 tracks i listened to had someone running their mouth.

i like instrumentals.

i think too many great songs have been ruined because someone opens their fat mouth. i'm not looking for vocals at all.

i guess your definition of instrumental and mine are different. i wish that the b-side of "beat bop" wasn't a long out of print "rare groove". i'd recommend that as a good starting point for "funky instrumentals".

i'm very picky. 99% of music (especially vocal music) isn't worth listening to by my tastes.

anyone familiar with the material that i listed know of anything similar, preferably with absolutely no-one ever opening their annoying piehole? LOL

i like STFU beats. LOL

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if anyone knows of any off the beaten path CDs that have funky instrumentals be they electronic, acoustic, bass or whatever that have slow skipping beats, i'd appreciate your recommendations.

Budget, sorry but I'm at a loss on what to recommend. I've only heard of a few of the artists you mentioned. I was a Kraftwerk fan for a time, once long ago. Anything I've head from Eno (and that's actually very little to be honest), was a bit to ambient for my tastes.

Not sure if this will help but go here,
and listen to the clip of Tijuaniac. Its kind of a slow, funky, jazzy, instrumental. Kind of hard to put a label on it. But listen carefully, there's a lot actually going on here. Other than that, no ideas. Good luck.


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any feedback is welcome. :-)

if you want the "funkiest" eno, then either listen to his "my life in the bush of ghosts" with byrne or to a lesser extent, his production work with talking heads or devo's first album or the catherine wheel album.

by "slow beats" i mean under 110BPM which is actually a little fast. 120+ is way too fast for my tastes.

i heard a REALLY lopsided and funky cover of average white band's "pick up the pieces" that was actually performed by a symphony orcestra once.

i'll check that link out for sure.

i'd probably have more luck in a specialty forum, but it seems that every "electronic" site i've visited is another "the many faces of house/techno" variety and any hip-hop forum seems mostly gansta rap etc.

i don't like rap or "boomboomboomboom" rigid beats. some of the funkiest beats i've heard have been REAL tribal drumming tracks as opposed to "tribal" which is really just another flavor of house/techno.

thanks for your feedback.

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check out Beastie Boys funky instrumental album "The in sound from way out"

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beastie boys instrumental? no way! LOL

i never would have even considered them after being dragged kicking and screaming into a BB concert way back in the days. they sure did talk alot! LOL

that deserves a looksee. thanks for the heads up.

the coolest "rap instrumental" that i know of is "jungle fever" by the chakachas that two live crew simply rapped over in "put it in the buck" or something to that effect. jungle fever is so dang funky, even with the sex moaning.

well... actually "beat bop" is a wicked cool b-side with it's occasional skipping metallic percussion and violin (yes violin!) riffs over a laid back reggae type fender guitar. it's too bad that very few have been lucky enough to hear it. i love my 12"!

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i just checked the beastie's CD out. it was ok, but not as beat heavy as i expected. i was reminded of the "out sound from way in" CD by perry and kingsley when searching for it though. the "one note spanish flea" track cracked me up when i heard it on vinyl.

if you're looking for even funkier "funk", you have hear "pick up the pieces" at least once. while wandering browsing through the "people who bought this also bought these" feature at amazon, i came across a few interesting discs. if you want crazy funk beats...
check out:
grazing in the trash vol. 1
tracks 6 and 14 are super funky.

another "roots funk" disc that does "head bobbing" even better than beasties is:
soul strike! by calypso king... VERY funky

i can't speak for any of these other funk artists yet, but i saw them come up or get recommendations in reviews a few times:
new mastersounds
sharon jackson and the soul destroyers
charles bradley
poets of rhythm
imaginary visions

i haven't gotten around to sampling those yet.

a wicked cool, wierd AND funky disc that i found was:
bombay the hard way v/a
india movie soundtracks meet electrofunk hip hop! awesome!!!!!

and finally,
ministry of sound: addicted to bass v/a
is mostly a "house music" 44 track compilation, but a few tracks are above average but,
stealth (domination)(dillinja mix)
are downright funky.

thanks for your feedback and i hope something i've found gets you raved up.
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