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Paul, I'll see your Avengers and raise you a Batman.
Saw it today and it jammed. The bad guy really was evil.

Gotham City? I'd never live there.....corrupt, nasty place.

End left some 'wiggle room' for yet another entry in the franchise.

Opins? Paul? you see Batman and I'll check out the Avengers and we'll swap notes:

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I'll have to put it on my list. Avengers was the last film I saw at theaters and it was something my kids wanted to see. They're not too excited about Batman so I may wait for the DVD.

Wiggle room for a sequel? NO??????!!!!!!!!!! really lol? In today's greedy Hollywood film industry? Especially a superhero film?

There are what, 7-8 Batmans now? It's not a sequel but a series.

Of the ones I've seen thus far Dark Knight has the rest beat.

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Yes, all the 'hero' movies must have an out to the next in line.

Batman is a fairly successful Franchise as such things go. Of course, the modern reference standard is the James Bond stuff from Sean Connery thru the current Daniel Craig. I'm curious if there is a single 'owner' of the character who either 'rents' the property or hires the staff and producer to make the film......?

I've seen bunches of serials. From the Basil Rathbone as Sherlocke Holmes and Dick Powel as the Thin Man to the new stuff. You may even put LOTR in that category.

I can hardly wait for the next 'The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo' and more of 'The Hunger Games'......both wonderful books.

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Batman is back with a bang in The Dark Knight Rises, and this time around, there’s no messing around with him. The movie starts from where the last film in the franchise ended, taking us into the life of Batman since his disappearance eight years ago. Choosing honor over victory led to his mysterious disappearance, and his conversion from the status of a hero to that of a fugitive. Watch The Dark Knight Rises online to see the events that force Batman to come out of hiding and once again redeem his role as a fighter for the good. After his accusation for the death of D.A. Harvey Dent in the last film, it was thought that that was the end of his tumultuous reign.

However, this movie comes as a delight for fans of Batman, as it once again brings him back into action, with a spirit of vengeance that will take a lot more than a false accusation to smother. It all starts with a cunning burglar arriving in town, threatening to demolish the anti-crime Dent Act which had things under control so far.

Add to this the comeback of dreaded terrorist Dane, and you have reason enough to bring Batman back into control. Download The Dark Knight Rises to watch this momentous return that the world of superhero fans has been eagerly awaiting!

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OK, I saw Batman last night.

I think it is a must see and was up to par with the previous one.

Not a single think that I can think back to and dislike. Every single second of this movie interesting. Okay, maybe I didn't like how muffled Bane's voice was, but you kinda get used to it.

9.5/10 from me on our ecoustics scale.

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Wow, really?

That's a far better review than the obvious ad placed spam from the post before lol.

Seriously though Batman has easily become the most over exposed DC comic superhero of all. I know, if it works it works, but, do we really need to see a Batman 28 someday?

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I would not mind watching another part for this Batman, but unfortunately it was the last for Christopher Nolan and I believe Christian Bale. From what I know, the Batman series will yet again be rebooted in 2015 which sucks because what they have now IS GREAT.

BTW Paul, there is a teaser in the theater before the movie Batman for 'Man of Steel'. And guess what, it's being produced by Christopher Nolan! Should be out next year sometime. If you haven't see the trailer yet, I suggest you go on YouTube and view it.

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Don't forget there are OVER 20 '007 / Bond' films, not counting the wildcard stuff, one of which DID star Sean Connery. I'll include the comedy version of Casino Royale which had Woody Allen and starred Peter Sellers. David Niven was in it, too. I think one of the Bond Girls showed up.....Ursela Andress?

So far Bond have been played by::

Sean Connery.....Still my personal reference
George Lazenby....Who?
Roger a reprise of his 'The Saint' persona, in part
Timothy Dalton.....a one-off and perhaps the worst of 'em all
Pierce Brosnan.....Very dapper and refined.
Daniel Craig....The working class bond, maybe. Rough around the edges.

So, don't worry about multiple Batman players. Ample precident.
Also, I believe the Batman property is owned by a single person, but could be wrong about that.

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I don't have a problem with multiple actors. I too enjoyed my fair share of Bond films played by numerous gents. Connery was just before MY time so Roger Moore was my first influence. Never followed them honestly after him. Ok, I do have casino Royal and did like it but still....

Batman? I have to give Christian Bale top honors. Then my 2nd fav was Michael Keaton. Val Kilmer or George Clooney? No way should they have worn the suit IMO.

We also have the villains to critique. Obviously by far without seeing the last film I have to give all props to the deceased Mr. Ledger. He brought a newer darker side to the film series. Mr. Nicholson played his roll well but back then the film was borderline comical in nature and never touched the senses like dark Knight did.

Carey and Arnold? When you look back on them now you get a chuckle and wonder if it's something even they regretted.

Devito? Take him for what it's worth I guess. Even for the times the film's special effects were challenging at best

I for one am glad "Robin" didn't get his roots planted in the series. While a vital roll in the weekly series some many years ago he just mucked the film's flow up and generated too much distraction.

Oh and we can't forget horror followers and their passion with the Friday the 13th and Halloween series. They too were part of my upbringing.

Indiana Jones
Back To The Future

^^All examples of top film series that would've tanked had they replaced the lead roll. Sometimes Directors pair up the story PERFECTLY with their cast. Those films get locked behind a vault. With the exception of GF because of the ever revolving talent the time period had to offer.

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The 'Cast The Movie' game is one of my FAVES.

Some movies are star makers. Others seem to tap into existing talent with 'meaty' roles. GF, to me, were 2 of the finest movies ever made with #3 being junk. Terrific use of top talent.
LOTR? Didn't care that at first I only recognized a voice or 2 since by the end of the 3rd, I was sold. Man, that place was REAL.
Rocky? Stallones last gasp, which paid off. I'm looking forward to the LAST of the series.....'Rocky, the WheelChair Days', where he comes out of retirement AGAIN this time to bust a ring of thugs stealing newspapers off the stoop at the retirement village.
For more on Stallone, please see 'Death Race 2000' which SHOULD have been his last movie.

In the TV series Robin was a waste. When BatMan fought The Green Hornet, no less than Bruce Lee was forced to lose a fight with Robin. Very Degrading, considering what a wimp Robin really was.
Bruce Lee played the title characters driver.

SPOILER ALERT: read only if you have not seen BatMan's latest.
BTW, part of the 'out' for the latest BatMan entry is that the 'good cop' is now taking up the cape in the form of Robin. I expect him to cross paths with the tech guy and the butler......
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