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Rented The Departed tonight Martin Scorsese's newest gangster film with a brilliant power class cast that left me divided between the good guys the bad guys and the rat the informant whose feed (Jack Nicholson) as Frank Costello is the nastiest gangster on the block who takes Matt Damon as Colin Sullivan Boston police officer under his wing to provide him with update information and keep him out of the scene.

(Leonardo DiCaprio) as Billy Costigan is hired to work undercover by (Mark Wahlberg) as Dignam (Martin Sheen) as Oliver Queenan who want Frank Costello behind bars permanently. What follows is a complex story, secret conversations over mobile phones surveillance and bodies, dropping like fly's left right and centre.

The look of the film looked great shape colourful if, there was visual effects involved in the film it was seamless and very affective. I didn't even notice it until I saw Robert Legato screen credit until the end credits was playing.

Editing was tight by Thelma Schoonmaker kept the flow and pace move along without even making yarn not once again it was all perfect.

Sound heightened the visuals that made my cringe or laugh is it you period" where Billy Costigan smash's a drinking glass over some guys head was realistic. The shootout towards the end was riveting bullets ricochet of metal crates with one huge kicking slam on the surround that was felt very deeply. LFE.1 was used to minimal use where most of the screen channel bass was kept down until needed.

Furthermore on the use of the surrounds they where used very sparingly very these a good moment where the sound pans from centre back to the centre where we see Colin Sullivan at the police academy. But in general it was mostly played over the three-screen.

This is mostly a dialogue film and it was clear crystal.

Again Martin Scorsese's delivers a true gangster film he delivered The Departed.

Film 10/10
Picture 10/10
Sound 10/10

Sound system JBL
THX reference level 0db

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Hey Ash...need your input on this

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Just got the movie. Haven't watched it yet. Looking forward to it. Man I was in the need of a good flick like nobody's business.

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Just saw it today. AWESOME!!!! The last 1/2 hr makes this movie. I felt bad for the therapist, but I loved the ending. So what exactly was in that box???? Kinda like the briefcase in Pulp Fiction. Great movie!
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