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This fast paced action adventure version of the classic horror vampire slayer played Huge Jackman, of (X-Men) fame, plays Van Helsing, is a must for any Die Hard or Star Wars fan. Van Helsing, as been haired by the Vatican and been dispatched to the far regions of Transylvania to destroy and rid the evil count Dracula, whose powers and blood sucking is drying up a small community. Kate Beckinsale, of (Underworld) fame, plays a Gypsy princess Anna, the last of her generation must battle to save her people.

Directed by Stephen Sommers of (The Mummy and The Mummy Returns) has a neat way of doing getting the task accomplished with just about every trick in the filmmakers book.

Picture: Image mostly dark and lighter scenes skin tones looked naturally fresh, Alan Daviau, (E.T.) has used the 1.85:1 W/S ratio for this and all the fast action holds up well with a clarity, the mountains surround the outskirts of Transylvania, had depth

Sound: This Just bites lovely on (JBL) sound system THX bass and sub bass extension coverage over the three-screen in the bell tower in Paris, were Van Helsing, battles Doctor Jackal, Foley was so very realistic on the JBL control 5, with every footstep being felt at the in the chair, Jackal's was more deeply with his wide feet size!

Effects sweep furiously over the fronts and around the room with tight precision detail! "The bells, the bells!"

-"Everybody inside"! Kate Beckinsale, voice is so sweet on the JBL control 5, has swarms of vampires swoop down from the skies, screaming people running out over the three-screen, distant voices and faint sounding ones grab your attention, hissing and growlingly with laughter the vamp girls move from centre back surround to front, "I want first bite"! with a melting vamp girl the creasyness of the body sounding some salad with mayonnaise been moved with the hands or what ever it was sound great.

Score: Alan Silvstri, (Back to the Future The Abyss and The Mummy Returns) as scored a cracking piece with substantial slam kick and depth that heightens the action and throws you smack into the middle on grand scale. This is the norm for films of this type today, and scoring mixer Dennis Sands, gives Silvstri, instrumentals and the low end percussion and strong brass, all the textures compressed into this six-track Dolby stereo digital surround mix a trilling ride for a small price.

The choir is the icing on the cake on with this score with up to 60 people blasting though the loudspeakers and with up to115 plus minutes of music on wild grand scale top dog mate!

Anyway I'll defy anyone who hasn't got this on the DVD bookshelf, its heart pounded pulse raiser that needs home cinema sound that will never let up till the last musical beat!

At £6.00 at ASDA store this was a best buy, and very worthy of it.

Animated menu with title music playing over it

2 disc foldout box-set features:

Disc 1

Animated menu with title music playing over it in Dolby 5.1

2x Audio commentary tracks

Feature commentary with Stephen Sommers & producer Bob Ducsay
Feature commentary with Richard Roxburgh, Shuler Hensley & Will Kemp

Explore Dracula's Castle * Bloopers * Bring the Monsters to Life * You are in the Movie * The Legend of Van Helsing

1 hour 48 minutes

Disc 2
Explore Frankenstein's lab * Van Helsing : the story , the legend * Track the adventures: Van Helsing map * The Music of Van Helsing * Dracula's Lair is Transformed

1 hour 48 minutes

Technical details:

Certificate: 12

Aspect ratio: W/S 1.85:1 (anamorphic enhanced)

Running time: 126 minutes

Colour: Technicolor

Cinema sound realise: Dolby Digital SR-D, dts, SDDS

DVD sound realise: Dolby 5.1 with (split-surrounds)

Year of realise: 2004

DVD year of realise: 2004


Picture 10/10

Sound 10/10

Overall rating 10/10
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