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Wow this brings back a few giggles and laughs in this comedy directed by John Hughes, is about the $exual fantasy about two school boys who dream about having the sexist girls in the whole school for themselves but never get the chance. But when chance comes to them (Anthony Michael Hall) who plays Gary, instructs (Ilan Mitchell-Smith) who plays Wyatt, with the aid of his computer to make a girl in the form of (Kelly LeBrock) who plays Lisa, gives the boys their $exual fantasy and wishes the desire reality they have wished for.

Loaded with gags and some cool eighties special effects all compressed into an 87 minute film with fairly remarkable clean image for a film that is 21 years old.

Picture: The sharpness around the edges in this region 2 DVD still stands out well for a 35mm celluloid film that was made back in 1985, the opening in the gymnasium shows out some nice flesh tones, details in the (Anthony Michael Hall) eyes shows up clearly on the (SONY KX-27 PSI) monitor. Title opening is robustly nice with bight blues titles. Cloud tank visual effects of exterior shots outside shows a deep orangey red colour with flashes of sharp lighting strikes surrounding the house has all hell starts to brake lose around them dust and debris bust out all over the bedroom. The reddish pinkish hue behind (Kelly LeBrock) is sexy, "She's alive. Alive!"

Sound: The standards in Dolby Stereo techniques are crystal clear some of dialogue with (Bill Paxton) who plays Wyatt's brother Chet, in the kitchen sounded realistic -"I like your pant!es!" Loudness was easy on the ear as well was the size of the dialogue matching the size of the kitchens interior. -"For Christsakes, will you cover yourself?"

-"We forgot to hook up the doll."
-"You forgot to hook up the doll."

Electrical sparkles of static sprinkle over a issue of "TMIE" magazine with a picture of an nuclear missile, with a slamming sound of the bay doors hitting the downstairs kitchen walls the house starts to slowly rumble, as the creaking floorboards start to buckle twist and bend under the strain, the nose end of the warhead gets the boys attention! As it keeps on getting bigger and bigger hiss oxygen as well, it finally breaks though the roof, the fluttering sound of pigeons wings can be heard has it perch's on top of the warhead with tingle bell!

LFE.1 is not as deep has I'd expected to go, but then all Dolby Stereo films are mixed differently, the surrounds appear to be in (monaural) with no side discrete localization but they still present fair usage. Three-screen is not hugely active with lots of the usual dialogue panning, it's all fixed to the centre with crowd of party guests with glasses and bottles being smashing in the party scene along with motorbikes wreaking the house ties squashes with easy on the ear, in all it's not a bad Dolby Stereo 5.1 mix.


Animated menu with title music playing over it.

Theatrical trailer

Technical weird science details:

Certificate: 12

Aspect ratio: W/S 1.85:1 Ultracam35 (anamorphic enhanced)

Running time: 87 minutes

Colour: Technicolor

Cinema sound realise: Dolby Stereo (A) type

DVD sound realise: Dolby 5.1 with (monaural-surrounds) and dts 5.1mix.

Year of realise: 1985

DVD year of realise: 2005


Picture 9/10

Sound 9/10

Overall rating 9/10

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ahhh, what ever happened to Kelly LeBrock?

She had a bout with food and got knocked out.

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Hi there

Yeah what did happen to her, be she ended up in Tron's world and got derezzed?

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Indeed she did :-)

She was married to Steven Seagal at one time.

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She made a commercial "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.." and THAT was the end of her image, i think.
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