DVD cases the best and the worse?


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Which DVD cases supports you're DVD discs the (Amaray) cases supports some of the DVD discs nice and securely, but there are some cases that give the DVD disc a worse turn like the centre of the disc getting cracked on the inner sides which the helps the spindle motor to support the disc for secure and stable rotation.

So here is a few cases that I have rated, some of which I have for quite some time, and some for far less, within a few weeks of owning (Planet of the Apes 2001) the realise support cursed the disc to crack on the inner sides, unreliable and unbelievable this wasn't the first time and thou the support was relatively easy to retract the disc it must be a flaw in the final packing that must be demonstrated and tested at the company for durability and reliability to keep the DVD disc safe for the long years.

But there are some cases that need a chisel to get it out of the case, well that might be a bit extreme and will most defiantly end in a damaged DVD disc. So list your best and worse cases.

(Underworld) the casing is not to bad and given I have been into this case many times it's still holding up very well, the easy of reacting the DVD disc is easy.

The Star Wars episode 1 the Phantom Menace) well this case started to slowly fall to bits over a few weeks from purchasing it, note the hole, here all the support fixings have broken off!

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Interesting post :P

In my line of work, I have to use reference DVD's quite often, and found the cases for Minority Report, The Tuxedo, and i, Robot have held well. From what I can remember they all have the swirl type of spindle with a clasp on top and bottom. No cracked discs and they come off easily. The case you're holding up-I've had problems with those as well.

Having a bad case which cracks the DVD can lead to expensive damage to the DVD player, doubtless. I've seen it happen.

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You have to admit the disc spindle area isn't the best place to hold a disc in the first place...

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it pisses me off when i buy a new DVD and crack the little teeth trying to get it off for the first time. lol

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The amaray cases hold better than others, and they're great for shipping -- the disc stays in place. They're usually shock proof too. Great info here:
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